International Judo Federation Permanently Ousts Putin

Vlad Putin Judo
cdn.dmcl.biz / Getty Images
Fallout from his invasion of the Ukraine continues to hit Vladimir Putin right below his judo black belt. After previously announcing they were suspending Putin as honorary president of the International Judo Federation, the world's governing body for the sport finally made their separation from the Russian leader permanent.

In a brief announcement posted on their website, the IJF said they were removing Putin and his associate, Arkady Rotenberg, from all positions with the federation. Rotenberg had been a financial sponsor and figure in international judo for years, despite having been under sanctions by the United States and European governments since 2014.

The IJF also came out with an open letter last week announcing it's support for the Ukrainian people after what some had viewed as an initially insufficient response over the invasion. But while they are now banning the use of the Russian flag by judoka from that country, Russian athletes are still allowed to compete in IJF events, even as other martial arts organizations, like the International Savate Federation, announced they will suspend the participation of all Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials.

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