This video biography of Howard Jackson was presented during his induction into the 2006 Black Belt Hall of Fame as recipient of the posthumous Honorary Award. Howard Jackson began his individual fighting career on a national level in 1973, and before long every tournament fan knew who he was. In 1973 and ’74, he won the grand championship at Joe Corley’s Battle of Atlanta. In doing so, he prevailed in matches against Bill Wallace, Jeff Smith, Mike Warren and Fred Wren. In 1976 Howard Jackson won first place at the Top Ten Nationals in St. Louis. The following year, he began a successful career in kickboxing. Realizing that the purses in kickboxing were only a fraction of what they were in boxing, Jackson shifted gears and became a pro boxer. Even though Howard Jackson started relatively late in life, he became the No. 6 fighter in the world in his weight class. Around the same time, Chuck Norris’ film career took off, and the rising star hired Jackson as his personal assistant. Howard Jackson also served as Chuck Norris’ workout partner and bodyguard. Chuck Norris couldn’t have had a more loyal and dedicated friend or employee. Their relationship lasted until Howard Jackson's death on March 7, 2006, at City of Hope Medical Center in Los Angeles. He’d fought a long, painful battle with leukemia. He acted courageously, always with the heart of a champion. Because of his courage, humility and loyalty---his martial heart---Black Belt was proud to induct Jackson into its Hall of Fame with its Honorary Award. (Text adapted from a first-person recollective profile written by Pat Johnson)

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The 2021 Diamond Nationals took place on October 8th and 9th, the first time the prestigious event has been hosted since 2019. World class competitors gathered in Minneapolis, Minnesota to test their skills in forms, weapons, point sparring, and more.

In the early 2010's, Ken Warner (otherwise known as ZenInc on YouTube) always shared his "Top Five" on Facebook after major sport karate events. Reflecting on these posts has inspired me to write a top five article of my own for the Diamond Nationals, and I plan to continue writing these articles after each tournament I attend. Special thanks to Ken Warner for his contributions to documenting sport karate history. Without further ado, here is Jackson's Five for the Diamond Nationals.

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