Nearly 10% of Americans Think They Can Beat Up a Crocodile


A survey done by the market research and opinion polling site yougov.com shows that 9% of Americans believe they can defeat a crocodile in a fight with no weapons. The poll asked which animal people thought would win in a battle against any other animal (the elephant came out on top with 74% of the vote) but also surveyed how Americans felt they'd do when matched against various animals.

While people were confident of their chances in a fight against a rat (72% thought they could win) or a house cat (69% thought they could defeat tabby) the number of people who liked their chances against larger, wild animals became much smaller, though perhaps still a bit over optimistic. Six percent of Americans felt they could win a barehanded encounter against a grizzly bear, which can weigh from 300 to 800 pounds and have claws up to 4 inches long, while 9% thought they could beat a crocodile, which can grow to more than 20 feet.

Self-Defense Against Crocodiles:

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