Hong Kong Police Arrest Martial Artists for "Sedition"

Hong Kong Police
Photo: Warton Li
The Hong Kong Police's National Security Department has arrested a 59-year-old martial arts teacher and his 62-year-old female assistant on charges of sedition accusing them of running an armed separatist movement. Police seized several weapons including crossbows, various blades and an air gun and said the pair was inciting hatred while encouraging people online to practice martial arts in preparation for a revolution.

The authorities reportedly sent an undercover officer to the training hall where the instructors were teaching "combat tai chi." The police also seized posters featuring images of people who were killed or injured in Hong Kong's widespread 2019 pro-democracy protests. Since the protests, China's authoritarian government has been cracking down on dissent in the city making use of Hong Kong's colonial-era sedition law, which had been little used for decades prior.

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