Hong Kong Martial Arts Instructor Accused of "Building an Army"

Denis Wong
Hong Kong martial arts instructor Denis Wong appeared in court on sedition charges Monday and found prosecutors looking to up the ante by charging him under China's new national security law. As reported by Blackbeltmag.com back in March, Wong, at the time unidentified, was arrested along with a female assistant and charged with running an armed separatist movement under Hong Kong's little used colonial-era sedition laws.

Wong was found in possession of numerous martial arts style weapons, including swords, machetes, axes and crossbows and it was claimed he was using martial arts as a means to incite people to violence against China's authoritarian government. The sedition charge carried a maximum penalty of two years in prison. But under the new charges Wong and his assistant, Iry Cheung Man-chee, could face up to 7 years in prison. An official accused the pair of "building an army" which he described as "a brigade of black knights, supporting Hong Kong independence, targeting the regime of the People’s Republic of China..."

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