Hapkido Instructor Claiming Too Hurt For Work Gets Caught Training

Hapkido Instructor
Photo: Evening Gazette
While martial artists frequently train through injuries, they probably shouldn't do it if they're telling their employer they're too injured to come to work, as Michael Connorton did. After being fired from his job as a dockyard worker in Britain, Connorton brought suit for "disability discrimination." But a tribunal dismissed the suit last week when presented evidence that, despite his being on leave from his job with PD Ports for more than four months with a spinal injury, Connorton was still teaching martial arts.

After going on leave due to what he claimed was pain from a degenerative bulging disc, Connorton said all he could do was lie in bed or on the sofa. But investigators hired by his employers filmed Connorton, a hapkido instructor, teaching multiple classes, demonstrating techniques and carrying a large training bag 100 meters on his shoulder. When confronted with the evidence at a disciplinary hearing, Connorton said he couldn't remember if he attended the classes because of pain medication he was taking. He was subsequently fired and brought his discrimination suit but the court dismissed the suit saying Connorton failed to provide a satisfactory explanation for attending the hapkido class.

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