Product Review: Ghost Wavemaster

Ghost Wave master
Century Martial Arts

Let me be candid with you for a moment. Training solo can suck.
Horribly so.

Thank goodness it doesn’t always have to. The right training implement can make a world of a difference in the enjoyment of your workout as well as the effectiveness of it. Whether you come from classical training or modern sport combat, one of the quintessential pieces of equipment is a heavy bag.

Being able to pressure test your techniques against a level of resistance is invaluable for growth. The ideal bag allows you to go full power and not hurt yourself or displace the target too easily. Of course, there is also merit to ease of setup or removal of it and something to be said for style.

Enter the Ghost Edition of Century’s famed Wavemaster line of freestanding bags.

Check the video below to see how the new Wavemaster design holds up to the standards of a dedicated martial artist!

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