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In the martial arts universe, no star shines more brightly than Bruce Lee. Probably no Bruce Lee biography could satisfy fans' hunger for more Bruce Lee quotes, information about Bruce Lee movies and opinions about Bruce Lee's fighting style and philosophy. In this special series of Free Guides, you'll find a plethora of Bruce Lee facts. With reports including a Bruce Lee biography, an examination of Bruce Lee's fighting style and trivia from Bruce Lee movies — as well as a look at 10 jeet kune do masters' take on 10 Bruce Lee quotes and the lessons they learned from them — this is your one-stop destination for FREE Bruce Lee facts!

BRUCE LEE MOVIES The Making of Enter the Dragon

Bruce Lee’s final martial arts movie, Enter the Dragon, was the first Chinese martial arts film to be undertaken by a major Hollywood studio. In this exclusive look back at Fred Weintraub’s production of this blockbuster martial arts action masterpiece, learn how the film was made, how they captured Bruce Lee’s awesome speed on film and what obstacles nearly stopped production in its tracks! Bruce Lee Movies: The Making of Enter the Dragon includes rare photos of Bruce Lee, John Saxon, Jim Kelly and other stars from the film.

BRUCE LEE QUOTES 10 Jeet Kune Do Masters Examine Bruce Lee's Philosophy

Because of the enigmatic nature of Bruce Lee’s teachings and the ever-changing way he viewed combat, practically everyone in the modern jeet kune do community has a different bit of Bruce Lee in their cup. Black Belt interviewed prominent JKD instructors to ask what they thought Bruce Lee was really trying to say. In Bruce Lee Quotes: 10 Jeet Kune Do Masters Examine Bruce Lee’s Philosophy, read their opinions on their 10 chosen Bruce Lee quotes and what they learned about Bruce Lee's fighting style.

OUR BRUCE LEE MOVIES LIST Little-Known Trivia From Bruce Lee's Pictures

Think you know everything about Bruce Lee’s movies? Become the ultimate Bruce Lee movie guru with our FREE guide. With Our Bruce Lee Movies List: Little-Known Trivia From Bruce Lee’s Pictures, you’ll be able to impress your friends with Bruce Lee facts that no one else knows. Find out: How much did Bruce Lee earn for his first two starring roles? Which of Bruce Lee’s co-stars was imprisoned for stabbing his wife 10 times? Who choreographed the famous fight scene between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris? ... and more Bruce Lee facts!


In this mini-Bruce Lee biography, find out what inspired the Bruce Lee fighting style and revolutionized the martial arts universe. In this FREE guide — Bruce Lee’s Biography and the Birth of Tao of Jeet Kune Do — as told by Linda Lee Cadwell, you’ll discover how the documentation of Bruce Lee's fighting style came into being. This Bruce Lee biography full of Bruce Lee facts makes a great companion to the upcoming expanded video documentary about Tao of Jeet Kune Do: Expanded Edition.

BRUCE LEE TRAINING RESEARCH How Boxing Influenced His Jeet Kune Do Techniques

Were the boxing techniques of Muhammad Ali an inspiration for the jeet kune do punches in Bruce Lee's fighting style? Perhaps one of the lesser-known Bruce Lee facts: He competed in boxing matches throughout high school. That study later influenced his jeet kune do punches. How? In this FREE Guide — Bruce Lee Training Research: How Boxing Influenced His Jeet Kune Do TechniquesDan lnosanto and Richard Bustillo, two of Bruce Lee’s most famous students, discuss boxing's influence on his jeet kune do punches.

BRUCE LEE CO-STAR SPEAKS Jim Kelly on Co-Starring in Enter the Dragon and More

In Jim Kelly: Martial Artist and Co-Star of the Bruce Lee Movie Enter the Dragon — A Vintage Interview, presents a digital “retro” reproduction of the 1970s movie star’s cover story in Fighting Stars magazine. This exclusive e-book includes a movie review of the Jim Kelly film Hot Potato, as well as BONUS archival photos of the actor and martial artist on and off the set!

BRUCE LEE'S ART TAKEN IN NEW DIRECTIONS Dan Inosanto on JKD Techniques for Grappling and More

Bruce Lee student Dan Inosanto focuses on the fourth range of combat — grappling — in this in-depth discussion of modern jeet kune do. Learn how it was practiced during Lee’s life and how Inosanto practices it now. This FREE Guide — Dan Inosanto on Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do Techniques for Grappling and New Directions for JKD Training — includes four jeet kune do grappling techniques demonstrated by Inosanto!

MORE BRUCE LEE Books, DVDs, E-Books and Video Downloads About Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do

Books (and e-books) such as Tao of Jeet Kune Do: Expanded Edition, Bruce Lee's Fighting Method: The Complete Edition and Chinese Gung Fu: The Philosophical Art of Self-Defense — Revised and Updated bring this icon's philosophical and physical teachings to life, while books and DVDs featuring first-generation Bruce Lee students such as Dan Inosanto, Ted Wong and Richard Bustillo — and JKD practitioners from further down the lineage such as Tim Tackett and Lamar M. Davis II — carry on the evolutionary tradition of the "way of the intercepting fist." Check out these links for material you may find interesting:
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In the martial arts, we voluntarily subject ourselves to conflict in a training environment so we can transcend conflict in the real world. After all, we wouldn't knowingly train in a style that makes us weaker or worsens our position. The irony of all this is that we don't want to fight our opponent. We prefer to work with what an opponent gives us to turn the tide in our favor, to resolve the situation effectively and efficiently.The Japanese have a word for this: sabaki. It means to work with energy efficiently. When we train with the sabaki mindset, we receive our opponent's attack, almost as a gift. Doing so requires less physical effort and frees up our mental operating system so it can determine the most efficient solution to the conflict.In this essay, I will present a brief history of sabaki, as well as break down the sabaki method using Miyamoto Musashi's five elements

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Just like royalty has dynastic families that rule over nations, martial arts have dynasties that rule over the world of combat. So here's a list of our top five family dynasties in martial arts...

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