Germany Conducts Raids on Neo-Nazi Martial Arts Group

Flieder Volkshaus
Photo: Marcus Scheidel / MAS Bildagentur
The German publication Der Spiegel is reporting on a series of raids by German authorities against what are being described as three neo-Nazi terrorist groups including one that's being identified as a far-right martial arts organization. Police arrested four men on Wednesday who are part of a group called "Knockout 51" which is purported to recruit young men under the guise of physical training and then indoctrinate them with extremist ideas and prepare them for street fights.

It's also being reported Knockout 51 attempted to establish a "Nazi quarter" in the town of Eisenach and conducted patrols attempting to provoke victims into fights. It's unclear what type of formal martial arts training the group was conducting but recent years have seen an increasing association between far right extremist groups and the sport of mixed martial arts.

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