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FIVE KNUCKLE BULLET 'Wardrobe' Sweepstakes

Feeling Lucky? Enter our current Sweepstakes Now! We are giving away a Grand Prize 'FKB Wardrobe' which consists of our most popular sportswear items. Prize includes the following:

  • Knit Cap Set – Two Hats! (One Beanie Style, One Watch cap Style)
  • Baseball Hat – Premium Cotton Twill Six Panel - The Toughest looking hat around!
  • FKB T-Shirt – Original 44 Mag Logo Design printed on 100% White Cotton T-Shirt.
  • TAKE NOTICE! T-Shirt – Brand New Design printed on 100% Black Cotton T-Shirt.
  • Performance Shirt - Short Sleeve moisture-wicking T-Shirt.
  • Full Zipper Hoodie – Black Hooded Sweatshirt with front pockets.

Prize value is $180.00. You must enter by 11:59pm CST on 10/31/2020. One lucky winner chosen at random. No purchase necessary. One entry per person. Winner allowed to choose from available sizes. Entry form is located at the bottom of this page.

FIVE KNUCKLE BULLET is a unique sports company that is extremely popular with all branches of Martial Arts, Boxing, MMA, and No Holds Barred Fighting.

The 'champion-like' tough image that FIVE KNUCKLE BULLET creates has been accepted by athletes and fans across the globe.

FIVE KNUCKLE BULLET distributes Sportswear and Apparel via the Official FKB website.

Visit www.FIVEKNUCKLEBULLET.com to shop all New Sportswear and Vintage clothing items.

FIVE KNUCKLE BULLET – THE TOUGHEST NAME IN SPORTS! was created in 1990 and has since grown into an internationally recognized sportswear company. In 1991, with the endorsement of then WBC welterweight Champion, Buddy McGirt, the FKB name and logo gained greater local & international exposure on world-wide televised boxing events.

The FKB logo is printed and embroidered on various sportswear including T-shirts, Tank tops, Shorts, Hats, Sweat shirts, Sweat pants, and more. All FIVE KNUCKLE BULLET products are of the highest quality and most manufactured in the USA.

The '44 Mag' design is FKB's original logo printed on premium cotton goods, order one and it will become your new favorite T-shirt.

You may have recently seen FIVE KNUCKLE BULLET sportswear at the UFC where many fighters and fans display the iconic and feared logo. High-profile sports figures and celebrities have been seen and known to wear FKB. Many sports enthusiasts and fans have come to know and love the un-compromising Tough Image of FIVE KNUCKLE BULLET.

FIVE KNUCKLE BULLET is committed to providing the highest quality products to sports minded men and women throughout the world: to say it simply –


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