Shoulder as Weapon: Slams, Butts and Grinds

In the past, those who engaged in American Frontier Rough and Tumble, scufflin’, illegal boxing, boom battle or any of the various and sundry endeavors that involved an all-in melee format that was truly no-holds-barred and no-strikes-off-the-table were intimately familiar with the concept of using the entire body as a weapon. Let’s focus on one of those weapons: the shoulder, a tool that’s often overlooked by modern martial artists.

Because of obvious range restrictions, the shoulder is part of your closed-quarters arsenal. (In deference to the origin of the term, I call it “closed quarters” in the piratical naval-melee sense. I prefer not to use the modern evolution of “close quarters.” Yeah, I’m that guy, a stickler for details.)There are three broad ways to use the shoulder in closed quarters: slams, butts and grinds. There are just two attack paths: inward and upward. First, let’s examine a drill that will enable you to find your power with your shoulder, after which we’ll traipse into specifics.

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Tim Kennedy Fitness
blackbeltmag.com / Tim Kennedy
Muscle inflammation is a natural immunological reaction of the organism which happens if we expose the body to a physical activity that is more intense than what it is used to. During this action, the muscle goes through a certain amount of stress and the level of acidity increases. Muscular microdamages occur during this physiological process and the body activates its defense mechanism in order to repair those damages. The inflammation usually happens 24-48 hours after training. It is manifested via feelings of pain, tightness and stiffness of the muscle.
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Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon
d2e111jq13me73.cloudfront.net / Enter the Dragon/ Warner Bros.
Bruce Lee really did have the Midas touch when it came to training. Most people think Bruce was advanced and complicated, but he was the master of simplicity. He was not worried about doing the jump-up flip spin-around back kick. Not sure if there is one. But by the time you land, Bruce would just throw a simple kick or punch to knock you down as you landed to the ground. However, that is the point. Simplicity is often overlooked because of the coolness and the latest and greatest workout when simplicity produces the most significant effect. Super complicated does not mean superior. This is actually reverse in fact. We see super complex exercises that don’t need to be. Truthfully, if an exercise or method is not straightforward in its approach, then it probably is not good.
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Why you should rest and relax after your workout!
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