Martial arts are an excellent way to prevent aging.

However, as aging happens the ball starts to roll down the hill quicker. Like in martial arts, you cannot depend on one technique or method to fight, anti-aging is the same. There are specific things you can do to slow down and reverse aging. With that being said, it will require the most important aspect, consistency.

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Potassium is a very important and necessary electrolyte for health and training.

It is essential to keep your heart, muscles and nerves functioning properly and well. Unfortunately, potassium is one mineral that Americans struggle to intake sufficient amounts. The RDA is between 3500-4700 mg. However, most Americans reach about 2400 mg a day. It is becoming well known today that insufficient, and, thereof, lack of potassium, is becoming the leading cause of heart and cardiovascular diseases because potassium deficiency weakens the contraction of the heart, muscles and nerve signals. Even the greatest athlete can run into problems if he is not replenishing and recovering properly.

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If we analyze the body structure of the top athletes in every sport, we find certain trends.

For example, it would be unlikely to find a highly accomplished basketball player that is under six feet tall. There will always be some outliers, however, players should take advantage of the "cards they were dealt" and pursue a sport where their body type is preferred. At the same time, body composition can be tailored to an extent through training for the specific sport. Below, I will share some insight related to the martial arts and how the sport karate competitor can utilize their body composition in order to achieve the most success inside the ring.

Everyone is different- it's literally in our DNA. Your DNA can predispose you to certain traits that will express themselves throughout life. Your DNA will determine your skeletal frame. What you're given, you have to work with- so let's use it to the utmost. There are three different body types that exist: ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. Ectomorphs have a long and lean body structure, meaning they hold very little body fat, but also don't possess as much muscle. Endomorphs tend to hold a lot of fat but also a lot of muscle and because of this they can easily put on weight. The last body type, mesomorph is a combination of the two; a solid structure that is not overweight but at the same time is not underweight either. It's important to understand your body type this way you can make adjustments to your training to excel in any sport. Keep in mind that body types look differently not only due to genetics, but also because of the ratio of type I to type II/IIx fibers made from methods of training.

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Martial arts training is physically demanding, especially if you are in a tournament. The timing of protein consumption is critical for muscles to rebuild and recover. It all depends on something called protein synthesis.

Protein synthesis is a process that repairs broken down muscles, mainly happening from training or competing. However, your body is constantly going through this process, fluctuating at low levels throughout the day. Conveniently, when you train or compete, your muscles breakdown, and, at the same time, it stimulates protein synthesis. Protein synthesis also simply happens when you ingest protein.

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