Cardio Kickboxing
Roxanne Doyon and Gabrielle Dunn

World champion and Team AKA captain Gabrielle Dunn has teamed up with her mom/teammate Roxanne Doyon to create a kickboxing-based fitness program for Dr. Oz's streaming platform, OZTube. The Dr. Oz Show has become one of "the most highly rated daily television programs" in the United States according to The New Yorker, and has won several Daytime Emmy Awards. The brand is now expanding their audience through the new streaming platform with the help of George Chung's JungoTV and Jungo Plus.

Dunn and Doyon have amassed extensive teaching experience at Connecticut Martial Arts in Danbury, where they can be found training and teaching classes most days of the week. Both women have found competitive success as well. Gabrielle is the reigning champion of the women's traditional forms category in the Black Belt Magazine Sport Karate Rankings, and Roxanne recently earned herself a spot in the senior rankings for her grand championship win at the U.S. Open.

The first three classes available on the OZTube website include Backside Burn, All About the Abs, and Upper Body Blitz with Boxing and Elbow Strikes. All of this content and more can be found by clicking here. Stay tuned for more news and updates about additional content that may be released in the future.

Heavy Bag Martial Arts

Joe "The Brown Bomber" Louis is often rated as one of the heaviest punchers in boxing history. We know that he augmented his natural power with Jack Blackburn's schooling on his step-and-punch method.

Louis also had speed. For a big man, he put some quick movements together.

Speed is often an innate attribute. It can be helped along with smooth, efficient drilling, but for the most part, speed is a God-given gift. But there's an attribute of speed that can be developed, and that speedy attribute is balance.

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Live KickFit Seminar with Roxanne Doyon and Gabrielle Dunn

Roxanne Doyon and Gabrielle Dunn are a mother-daughter martial arts duo who are experts of cardio kickboxing. Doyon is a leading instructor and Connecticut Martial Arts and Dunn is a world champion competitor. Join their live seminar for an awesome workout!


The Best Boxing Gloves You Can Buy

Boxing gloves are an essential tool to take your martial arts training to the next level.

Whether you want to beat up a Wavemaster for cardio kickboxing and fitness workouts or strike pads with a professional to sharpen your mixed martial arts striking, you are going to need some high-quality boxing gloves that can handle such wear and tear. We have assembled a list of some of our writers' favorite gloves to train in. They were all so good that we couldn't even rank them, so you will read about them below in alphabetical order. Read more to find the gloves you love and get to training!

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