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Does your energy seem to fade when you need it most? Well, to have stamina like Ferguson, Poirier, and Khalib, besides training, you need to optimize your energy. These foods will help supercharge your body and prevent you hitting the wall.

First, you have to be careful of those energy drinks. They give you that instant pump, but they fade away quickly. And when they fade, you don’t just go back to normal. And that is not good going into the second or third round. So, understand food is the fuel needed for sustainable energy. Sustainability is the name of the game. Learn how to energize sustainability, rather than just energize. Know the best foods you need to eat to optimize your performance. Because, not all foods are created equal.

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Martial arts and MMA are intense sports that require a ton of training. However, with that training, you must optimize and maximize your nutrition to maximize performance. In sports performance, the timing of taking supplements and nutrition is critical to be effective for your workout. Here are the five best supplements to help you pre and post-training.
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Martial Arts Orthotics

Proper arch support can help not only with feet but also with knee and lower back pain. Why is that?

It is well known that for some people, orthotic type arch support is necessary to treat certain conditions such as flat feet or plantar fasciitis. What is less known is that proper arch support can also help with or even reduce the risk of developing knee and lower back pain, especially when flattening of the feet or fallen arches are a contributing factor.
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Bruce Lee fitness

Bruce Lee Birth Anniversary: Looking Back At 'Way of The Dragon', And Why It's the Most Underrated Movie Of This Martial Artist

Bruce Lee's Back Exercises for Explosive Punching Power and Speed

Did you ever wonder why Bruce Lee was so focused on training his back muscles?

The back is like the core. It stabilizes the spine and shoulders. It also connects the power of your hips and arms to push, pull, rotate, and punch.

The force of your punch relies on your body, not just your arm. The power of your punch is generated by moving the mass of your body. The tension your muscles can create will determine the force and speed they can produce. There are many factors involved in developing your punch. However, strengthening your back is a good place to start and you will see instant changes in speed, power and explosiveness of your punching technique.

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