Essential Gear Oct/Nov 2020
Essential Gear

In this issue find some of the best essentials you need for your training!

Power Pops

Need a snack to follow up an intense training session? Power Pops Protein Puffs pack the punch you might be looking for. Available in a variety of flavors — including bacon cheddar, Parmesan garlic and white cheddar — each packet delivers 21 grams of protein to rebuild your muscles while providing the energy you need to function. One serving contains 28,500 mg of amino acids, which are essential for building muscle and staying healthy. Bonus: They are made in the USA.

make: Power Pops
model: Protein Puffs
msrp: $3

Onnit Total Human

Onnit says its Total Human supplements are the key to helping people "achieve their fullest human potential." Each twin-pack consists of a daily dosage of supplements separated into a.m. and p.m. pouches. The a.m. packs contain proprietary supplements that boost awareness, energy and the immune system — including Alpha Brain. The p.m. packs help you wind down after a long day with supplements that regulate mood and provide antioxidant support without altering sleep patterns. The supplements are available in a 30-day supply or by subscription for those who want to automate the reordering process while saving up to 40 percent.

make: Onnit
model: Total Human
msrp: $137.95

Bear Blocks

Functional strength comes from the core. A simple but effective exercise for your core is the plank. Unfortunately, the conventional plank can hurt you. The problem stems from the eight small bones and five ligament structures in the wrist. A traditional plank compresses those bones and strains those ligaments because of the wrist angle. While staying in the plank position for one minute might be OK, regularly doing so for six minutes can lead to wrist pain, fatigue and injury. This is why Bear Blocks developed a device that helps you avoid wrist strain by changing the hand angle and letting you grip the underside of the blocks.
make: Bear Blocks
model: Bear Blocks
msrp: $49.99

Century Fitness Training Station

The Fitness Training Station from Century is a bag hanger that refuses to be only that. Its durable steel frame features dip bars, pull-up handles and push-up handles, plus pegs for hanging plate weights to boost the unit's stability. It gives you everything you need for a workout that hits the chest, biceps and triceps. And that's not even mentioning the main function of the Fitness Training Station — to hold a heavy bag for your martial arts training. It will handle a bag that weighs up to 100 pounds and can be set up anywhere. Best part is the unit doesn't require drilling into a wall or the ceiling to install. Bag not included. Some assembly required.
model: Fitness Training Station
msrp: $249.99

Let the Samurai Be Your Guide

Lori Tsugawa Whaley wrote Let the Samurai Be Your Guide: The Seven Bushido Pathways to Personal Success to give 21st-century readers a glimpse into the lives — and success secrets — of the famed Japanese warriors. In case you're wondering, those seven essential elements are courage, integrity, benevolence, respect, honesty, honor and loyalty. 191 pages.
author: Lori Tsugawa Whaley
title: Let the Samurai Be Your Guide
msrp: $16.99

Century Belt Display

According to Japanese tradition, the torii gate is a symbol of transition. It's often depicted not as an obstacle or barred path but as a passageway open to the dedicated. Open to those who persevere through the rigors of hard work. Once mounted on your wall, this wooden display turns that metaphor into a literal truth with each belt you add on your journey of commitment to your art.
model: Belt Display
msrp: $24.99

Century Centurion Glove

The design of the Centurion Glove is based on that of Century Martial Arts' original, best-selling grip-bar bag glove. With a classic look — black and burgundy leather with a tan accent over the grip bar on the palm — it features modern construction and durability.
model: Centurion Glove
msrp: $59.99

Century Kumite Elite Gi

The seasoned competitive karateka makes sparring precise and elegant with no wasted movement or excess — just like the Century Kumite Elite Gi. Crafted for the competitor, it features lightweight construction and mesh panels to help the wearer stay cool and move comfortably in the heat of sparring. Reinforced stitching at the stress points helps the Kumite Elite stand up to repeated high-energy sessions.
model: Kumite Elite Gi
msrp: $78.99-$109.99

Dr. Craig's Martial Arts Movie Lounge

When The Fast and the Furious (2001) sped into the psyche's of illegal street racing enthusiasts, with a penchant for danger and the psychotic insanity of arrant automotive adventure, the brusque bearish, quasi-hero rebel, Dominic "Dom" Toretto was caustic yet salvationally portrayed with the power of a train using a Vin Diesel engine.

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Eighteen-year-old Anastasija Zolotic became the first American woman to win Olympic gold in taekwondo since the martial art earned full medal status in 2000 when she defeated Tatiana Minina 25-17 in the finals of the 57 kg category Sunday in Japan. Dana Hee, Arlene Limas and Lynnette Love had previously won gold for the U.S. back in 1988 when taekwondo was still considered a demonstration sport. On the men's side, Ulugbek Rashitov of Uzbekistan won the 68 kg class over Britain's Bradly Sinden 35-29.

In judo, host country Japan added to it's gold count as Uta and Hifumi Abe made Olympic history becoming the first siblings to win gold medals on the same day. Uta Abe captured the women's 52 kg division defeating France's Amandine Buchard by pin in overtime. Then Hifumi Abe earned the men's 66 kg gold hitting an osotogari, outside leg reap, for a half-point to defeat Georgia's Vazha Margvelashvili.

In a blood-soaked, action-packed, five-round battle, former bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw returned after a two year suspension for performance enhancing drugs to win a split decision over Cory Sandhagen at UFC on ESPN 27 Saturday in Las Vegas.

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