Bob Wall: Co-Star of Three Bruce Lee Movies Dishes on Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal and Chuck Norris (Part 2)

A prominent figure in the lore of Bruce Lee movies for the past four decades, Bob Wall has been hounded by a number of stories — some true, some not. In Part 2 of this exclusive interview, the karateka and co-star of three Bruce Lee movies continues to address the most persistent ones. Read Part 1 of Bob Wall: Co-Star of Three Bruce Lee Movies Dishes on Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal and Chuck Norris

Black Belt: There’s some confusion about the choreography of Enter the Dragon. Bruce Lee choreographed all his own scenes, but you did the opening scenes with John Saxon on the golf course, right?

Bob Wall: Bruce choreographed all the fight scenes except the ones that I did, like the golf-course scene in which a bunch of my black belts — Mike Bissell, Darnell Garcia, Pat Johnson, etc. — get beat up by John Saxon. I also did the establishing scenes in which Tadashi Yamashita breaks boards over my arms and stomach. I break a bag with a side kick, punch bricks in the air and so on.

You once mentioned extra footage of you that was shot as a setup to your character’s treachery. Specifically, you kill a bunch of guys at a funeral. Has that ever surfaced?

Bob Wall: That film was ruined. That’s why, after I got back in early 1973, Bruce asked Clouse and me to redo Saxon’s golf-course fight and my establishing scenes.

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There was talk about Enter the Dragon II from Bolo Yeung. Have you heard any news about that?

Bob Wall: Not for a long time.

Have you ever thought of producing such a project yourself?

Bob Wall: If it ever gets done, it will be through my partner, Fred Weintraub.

“I am not going to kill Bob Wall because we need him to complete the film.” As you know, Bruce Lee spoke those words, yet you had no fear of him. Was his fighting prowess all hype, or did you refuse to even entertain the existence of any possible threat?

Bob Wall: More figments of Clouse’s imagination. Bruce and I were friends. Proof of this is when Bruce came back after a week off from the cut and hit me just where he was supposed to. Also, check out the stills of Bruce hugging me when my character, O’Hara, was finally dead. We wrapped Enter the Dragon in March 1973, then came back to Los Angeles and did the John Saxon golf-course scene at Griffith Park. We then shot all the Yamashita-breaking-boards-over-my-arm scenes. Bruce flew to Los Angeles on June 1, 1973, and I met him for lunch two times at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Some death threat, eh?

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Didn’t you once admit that Bruce Lee made the announcement mentioned earlier?

Bob Wall: He had to do something to counter the rumor mill, and he did that.

A famous fighter has stated that in a tournament or full-contact event, Bruce Lee wouldn’t have fared well. What are your thoughts on that?

Bob Wall: Bruce was a great fighter and would have always done well.

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