The World Taekwondo Demonstration Team put on a jaw dropping performance for NBC's America's Got Talent TV show Tuesday night that had the judges seemingly giddy and the squad getting automatically advanced to the final, live round of competition. They pulled off on an impressive display of aerial breaking that saw members of the team catapulting themselves off each other to kick boards that were being held close to 20 feet in the air. Before the judges could even vote, host Terry Crews gave the group his "golden buzzer" that granted automatic entrance to the live round.

The multinational team of mostly South Koreans and Americans explained that they were scheduled to perform at this year's Olympics but the demonstration was canceled due to the COVID pandemic. Instead, they'll have to settle for the opportunity to compete on America's Got Talent's live show from Hollywood later in the year.

Dr. Craig's Martial Arts Movie Lounge

When I watch action films that have martial arts in them, which most action films do these days, including Godzilla vs. King Kong (2021) that used martial arts inspired fights on the monster level, there are three things I always do: within five minutes, take note of my initial impression; after the movie ends, create a short emotional expression; and finally develop an overall view of the action. This sentence reflects the importance of chemistry in a film, three ions. And when it's comedy, my brain goes into overdrive.

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It is unlikely that anyone ever grabbed something from a drive through at a local fast food place and upon finishing that meal (including the straggler fries in the bag) exclaimed, "That is one of the finest meals I have ever eaten!" That is of course unless one has entirely out-of-balance expectations. Well, there may be something even more 'fast food' than actual fast food and it is the world of social media with its inhabitants. It is almost certain that being called a "Youtuber" in the current milieu of our culture is nowhere thought of as an actual compliment. It is true that media has changed and morphed drastically in even the last decade and content creators are making their way (and living) in the space, but it is still not the case at this juncture that those who do it are taken too seriously as professionals. They are just Youtubers or influencers, which implies of course they are not much more.

Speaking of foods you should probably avoid at all costs, you may be a root beer float person. Someone who loves a scoop of ice cream in a carbonated drink (this writer had trouble even typing this analogy). There are many things like this where when worlds collide, some will cheer while others jeer. Some will celebrate every ounce of the exact thing others despise. One man's Triller is another man's... the reader can finish that one. Is there something to see in the oddity that is social media influencers like the Paul brothers (Jake and Logan) entering the hallowed space of combat sports? Maybe we can go down a short contemplative road here to see if we can find some help in answering that.

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Social media personality Jake Paul, who first found fame on YouTube, is set for a boxing match with former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. As reported by The Athletic and confirmed by ESPN's Ariel Helwani, both combatants have signed the deal and agreed to box at 190 pounds on August 28th.

Paul has already knocked out one UFC fighter, sending Ben Askren to the canvas in under two minutes on April 17th. The bout with Woodley comes as a result of some trash talk that occurred in the locker room between Woodley and Paul's team as The Problem Child was warming up for the Askren match.

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