Photo Courtesy: Carmichael Simon

Tension pulls from within the soul, excitement evaporates throughout the body, and spirituality flows through hundreds of Martial Arts Trickers patiently awaiting the battle of the year. As cameramen step on the spring floor, an elite group of East Coast decorative sport karate champions gain sight on their flamboyant West Coast opponents. We are at Loopkicks 2005 in San Jose, California.

Loopkicks is the cornerstone for global martial arts tricking. Since the new millennium, annual gatherings of international movement lifestyle practitioners would train, educate, and showcase their talent, however on this night a generation of XiaolinGruv Munks would begin their journey to become some of the most influential stunt and dance choreographers within the Film and Entertainment industry.

There is a fine line between artistic tradition and athletic culture but this is the moment where 3 rounds will determine who is crowned the best Martial Athletes.

Round 1: Which team has the strongest synchronized martial arts hand sections?

Round 2: Which team has the most difficult Acrokicking/Tricking combinations?

Round 3: Which team can create their own martial arts (XIAOLIN) and freestyle dance (GRUV) choreography?

Loopkicks 2005

Photo Courtesy: Carmichael Simon

East Coast Martial Athletes

  • Vince Johnson
  • Marc Canonizado
  • Anis Cheurfa
  • Mindy Kelly
  • Jaime Colon
  • Derek Grace

West Coast Martial Athletes

  • Anthony Gooch
  • Hans Wikkeling
  • Steve Terada
  • Rudy Reynon
  • Marques Mallare
  • Gary Ip
  • James Solis

Special Guests

  • Kory Watkins
  • Nigel Bolton
  • Wally Sparkz
  • Lateef Crowder
  • Larry Lam

The XiaolinGruv Showdown is dedicated to the late & great:

  • Jhoon Rhee: Marital Arts musical and lyrical choreography
  • Hans Wikkeling: Loopkicks Humanitarian & Philanthropist

Email from Jhoon Rhee himself:

Jhoon Rhee

Photo Courtesy: Carmichael Simon

XiaolinGruv | Showdown on YouTube

XiaolinGruv is a style the integrates martial arts, dance, and acrobatic disiplines with music to enhance choreography.

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