Dunamis karate

Ridgeland, SC, USA

Dunamis Karate is a faith-based, family-oriented school training students in the Chuck Norris System, UFAF Krav Maga, Hyper Pro Training, and Hyper Fight Club. We offer classes for ages 3 to adult.

Have you ever wanted to learn martial arts but never took the steps to start the life-changing journey? Maybe you don't have a quality school nearby or perhaps you're too nervous to walk through the doors. We've got the answer for you.

We have put together an online training program that allows people of any age to train from the privacy of their homes. Learn all the traditional skills that are part of the Chuck Norris System, even if you cannot get to a UFAF Charter school.

Rather than using a per belt training method, our curriculum is broken into sections (beginner, intermediate, advanced, and black belt) which can be more beneficial to people who have prior martial arts experience. Instead of the techniques being solely tied to a particular belt rank, they are released in larger chunks by skill level. You train at your own pace, then each higher level of the curriculum will be unlocked to you after you successfully pass an evaluation of the prior level.

You will need internet access to view our videos, a partner to assist with the self-defense skills and striking, and the ability to submit videos of your training in order to complete this course.

Chuck Norris System Training Techniques and Tutorials

Sample some beginner training videos with tutorials and drills from our YouTube Channel

Our building is throughly cleaned daily. We have diffusers going at all times to help purify the air. Class spaces are limited.