Discover easy-to-learn escapes that will save you from match-ending submissions in this FREE martial arts ebook — 4 Submission Escapes From Jean Jacques Machado. Get started on learning how to turn the flow of any match to your advantage!

Any Brazilian jiu-jitsu student knows that it’s almost impossible to escape the mount or back control. But what if there were a way out? Learn how to execute four defensive tactics to ensure escape with color-photo sequences and advice from world-champion Brazilian jiu-jitsu master Jean Jacques Machado. “Having strong defensive skills means you believe so much in your strategy that you will keep attacking,” Machado says. “It does not matter if your opponent counters your attack, you will be able to put him back in the position and attack again.” In this FREE Guide from — 4 Submission Escapes From Jean Jacques Machado: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tactics for Escaping and Reversing — you’ll learn how to reverse the flow of any match to your advantage!

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