Ip Man Star Donnie Yen Signs with Hollywood's APA Agency

Donnie Yen
Martial arts film star Donnie Yen has signed with Hollywood powerhouse talent agency APA. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the agency hopes to turn Yen, known for his portrayal of wing chun kung fu master Ip Man in the "Ip Man" movie series, into a major brand and an "production empire" in the manner of rapper 50 Cent.

Yen, the son of Black Belt Hall of Fame kung fu instructor Bow-sim Mark, has already appeared in Hollywood films like "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" but is best known internationally for his work in various martial arts films. Having appeared in kung fu movies such as "Drunken Tai Chi" and "Once Upon a Time in China II," Yen vaulted to the forefront of Asian action cinema when he took the role of Bruce Lee's instructor, Ip Man, in the 2008 film of that name. The series of four movies is credited with reinvigorating interest in the wing chun style worldwide, though Yen has also met with criticism for taking a perceived pro-government stance during the 2019 Hong Kong democracy protests.

Yen appears next in the Keanu Reeves film "John Wick: Chapter 4."

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