Martial Arts Instructor Gets 28 Years for Abusing Students

Derek Ross Hodder
A British martial arts instructor was sentenced to 28 years in prison for sexually abusing nine girls over a 32-year period. Derek Ross Hodder of Brixham was convicted on 33 counts of rape, indecent or sexual assault, sexual activity with a child and indecencies with a child all involving girls aged 10-17

The court heard how Hodder used his position as a martial arts teacher to come into contact with young girls and then groomed them with gifts and alcohol. Hodder's activities first came to light in 2018 when a then 17-year-old girl accused him of raping her. Eight more victims, all now adults, eventually came forward accusing Hodder as well. During Hodder's trial in June, Judge Timothy Rose noted many of the female victims came to the martial arts school looking to boost their confidence and instead the instructor used his position to manipulate and abuse them.

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