Dallas Liu

Originally reported by SportMartialArts.com via Looper.com and Netflix, former NASKA and ISKA world champion Dallas Liu will appear as Zuko in a live-action rendition of the popular animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. The young star has numerous other acting credits including work on Marvel's Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which is scheduled for release on September 3rd. As Zuko, Liu will be a master of the art of "firebending", born as a prince in the "Fire Nation Royal Family".

As a sport karate competitor, Liu was a dominant force in the youth division for several seasons. He won titles consistently with his extreme routines, both empty-handed and while wielding a bo, as well as his traditional sword kata. The prodigy collected a number of NASKA overall grand championships, including major wins at the U.S. Open and Diamond Nationals. He started competing on the national circuit as a student from Chozen Martial Arts in California, and would go on to represent Team All Stars.

Liu's success in Hollywood continues a longstanding legacy in the sport karate community of world champions who have gone on to have lucrative careers in the film industry. Caitlin Dechelle, one of Liu's competitive coaches, is a great example of a dominant sport karate champion who has now had remarkable success on the big screen. Stay on the lookout for more past and present sport karate world champions to continue making such appearances.

Watch a young Dallas Liu in action at the 2012 Diamond Nationals:

Video courtesy of SportMartialArts.com

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