Guardian Angels Leader Wins NYC Mayoral Primary

Curtis Sliwa
Specrum News NY1

Curtis Sliwa, a controversial radio talk show host and the founder of the martial arts-trained crime fighting organization the Guardian Angels, won the Republican primary for New York City's mayoral race Tuesday. Sliwa started the Guardian Angels in the late 1970s to help patrol the New York City subways as crime ran rampant there. The group continues to do safety patrols around the city as well as working to aid the homeless.

An unarmed, volunteer organization, Guardian Angels' recruits are frequently touted as being trained in karate and other martial arts, though some former members have been critical over a lack of such training. Sliwa has also admitted the group faked some of the heroic acts they gained notoriety for early on in order to drum up publicity. But he continues to wear the organization's trademark red beret in public and it was reported he received a broken jaw last year while helping a Guardian Angels' team protect a store from looters during the George Floyd riots.

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