All in the Family: Sport Karate's Team Competitive Edge Adds Two New Members

Team Competitive Edge Karate

Competitive Edge has added two names to the roster for their competition team.

Both of these competitors already had a relationship to the team as family members of other team members.

Esteban Tremblay's father Eric Tremblay from Blainville, Quebec, Canada joins Competitive Edge as one of the most decorated competitors in NASKA's senior division. Eric, 41, has been training in the martial arts for 31 years and is a 6th degree blackbelt and school owner. He also holds 53 world titles across NASKA, NBL, WKA, WKU, WKC and is a 3-time Diamond Nationals Diamond Ring Champion. Eric brings a level of competitive professionalism that is going to be a great asset to the team.

The team is also adding their first adaptive competitor, Miri Williams. Miri's older sister, Eden, has been a member of Competitive Edge for a few years and her mother, Amy, was just added to the roster in January. Miri, 7, is fully blind and has a condition known as brachydactyly which means she has shortened fingers and toes. As a matter of fact, she does not really have toes so balance is her biggest challenge. Both of these conditions are the result of her having Adams Oliver syndrome, which is a very rare condition with only around 125 cases in the world. Miri is also very musically gifted and loves to sing and play piano and is a huge Bon Jovi fan. She is an inspiration to all who know her, always has a smile on her face, and is the true epitome of indomitable spirit.

Competitive Edge is a martial arts competition and performance team coached by Jackson Rudolph, Reid Presley and Cole Presley. The team holds the title of Champion in the Team Demonstration category as rated by the Official Black Belt Magazine World Sport Karate Rankings.

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