Community June/July Black Belt Magazine

Community June/July Black Belt Magazine

On a Question of the Day

BLACK BELT: Have you ever grappled with someone who was so far beyond you that even though you were trying your absolute best, you knew you had ZERO chance? I’m my case ... Gene LeBell. Hopeless but fun!

DrAnnMaria: Yes, Margot Sathay, when I was 17. She kicked my ass on a regular basis. Also, Diane Pierce, who beat me in the finals of the US Open, also when I was 17. Fortunately, I got better.
[For those who don’t know, Dr. AnnMaria De Mars won the 1984 World Judo Championships.]

Paul AP: Most def ... every time I get to roll with Mario Aiello or the brown/black belts at Gracie Jiu Jitsu Valencia-Ca. It’s how you grow!

Doug Greene: Yes, my opponent was Wally Jay. There was no chance in hell of me winning that one lol.

John Devenney: With Takahiko Ishikawa sensei as a young kid. He was like a tank but quick as lightning. It was never an actual match lol just sensei having fun and sharing his knowledge with everyone! Great man

Martial Arty: My first judo tournament. I started judo in my 40’s. The only other player my age at the tournament was a black belt. I fought him twice. It was a massacre. Thank goodness he was a nice guy. Now I love judo more than ever!

No, the other Mike: Every time. I’m terrible but it’s fun. Can’t get better watching and wondering.

On an Old Saturday-Morning Show
BLACK BELT: Made for kids, but adults liked it, too! Remember this martial arts TV show?

Brandon Demko: WMAC Masters, hosted by Shannon Lee!

Joseph P. Rebelo II: WMAC MASTERS! Actually sent in a announcer video to 4 Kids Productions but they hired Shannon Lee! Had several friends on the show like Richard Brandon & Christine Bannon-Rodrigues.

Andrew Babcock: Glad to see that I am not the only one who loved this show growing up! Had the VHS tapes, action figures, etc. I liked em all but was always partial to Chris Casamassa/Red Dragon. We need a proper DVD or Blu-ray release of all 26 episodes!

Mike Boone: One of my favorite shows ever! Every now and then, I Google my favorite stars from this show to see if any of them are currently active in movies/shows. A few of my favorites were Hakim “The Machine” Alston, “Tsunami” and Ho Sung Pak...

Ronald W Gillespie Jr.: It ended abruptly with no resolution. Netflix should pick it up as a new original series with all new young martial artists. It had a good premise. Just needed to be developed more.

On Digital Mags
BLACK BELT: What’s more convenient than having your favorite martial arts magazine right on
your computer, smartphone or tablet? You can get Black Belt mag from all the top digital platforms such as Google Play, Apple iTunes and Amazon Kindle!

Lynn Marie: It’s nice to be able to view it that way, but I prefer to hold the magazine itself in my hands.

On the Biggest Physical Accomplishment of Your Martial Arts Journey
Desmond L. Diaz, LMT: Earning a silver medal in kata after a double tie at the 2014 Tafisa world martial arts games. I had never competed internationally prior, and it was proof that [I] could hang on the world stage after 10 yrs away. 2 years later I won gold and repeated after that. Never forgot that moment.

Brian Johns: The fact that I’m still going at age 54 and plan to do so for a 
long time. :-)

Ryan T. Loy: For me, just starting the journey is a big accomplishment in itself.

Brian Johnston: My Black Belt Grading. I did not start training until I was 45 and received my Shodan rank at 52 . It felt so good to accomplish this at my age. I am 54 now and will keep going as long as I can.

The Listener: Having time to return to practice now that I have a baby.

Mark Mullen: Only been practicing 40 years. Ask me in another 40...

Dennis Goldsmith: Losing 40lbs, lowering my blood pressure, cholesterol, body fat, and vastly improving my physical health, likely adding years on to my life — all from martial arts training.

Paul Mihalik: Going from being told to give up because I’d walk with a cane for the rest of my life to being able to kick head height with both legs again.

Tom Drake: Being 65 years old and still being able to work my day job as a mechanic, getting under equipment and doing heavy lifting. Most guys have [to] leave the trade long before 65. Stretching and exercise for 40 years in the martial arts helped me to achieve this.

Anthony Martinez: Achieving my Black Belt after a stroke interrupted my journey. It taught me a lot about perseverance.

Todd Reynolds: Stretching without farting ... focus on the small things.

On a Much-Needed Martial Arts Documentary
BLACK BELT: I’d pay money to see this! Get the MythBusters team to test the often-seen movie response to a sword slash in which the hero does a backflip to avoid the blade. Use an Olympic gymnast just to make it interesting.
David Downs: Start the Black Belt Mythbusters team and take on different ones.

Donald S Thomas: Let’s up the stakes; how about the one where the hero/heroine catches the blade between their palms/hands!

Marvin Freimund: Please believe nothing you see in movies. It’s all make-believe. It’s wire work. It’s CGI. It’s camera angle. It’s Hollywood.

On Another Question of the Day
BLACK BELT: When it comes to martial arts, are you a teacher or a (lifelong) student?

UNDERGROUND ALLIANCE: I’m a lifelong student of the Martial Sciences who teaches...

RJ: The best teachers ARE lifelong students. Ous!

Tony Chalk: Both. Every good martial artist is both. If it’s your second day of training, there is something you can teach the person on their first. The day you stop learning, you stop growing.

LaKeith Riddick: I’m a lifelong student still learning to be a teacher

Jeramiah Giehl: Both. I’m a lifelong learner and a Martial Arts instructor. As Tuhon Apolo Ladra says, “learn to teach, teach to learn.” Like another one of my instructors Guro Dan Inosanto, I’m not afraid of throwing on a white belt and learning from another Martial Artist. Personal growth is the key to being a great Martial Artist and instructor. “Train with the best if you want to be the best” is what I like to say. I try to train often with my instructors and other highly qualified and recommended instructors with the background, skill and experience.

Jack Damon: You will always be a student. Always keep the white belt mentality. 

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