Picking a Combat Cane

Combat Cane
Combat cane is a very simple but effective weapon. The cane is able to be carried in to any courtroom, post office, bank, airplane even the Whitehouse. The cane is designed to effectively stop an attacker no matter the size or strength. By learning the cane you than get an understanding of the power within the cane, but only by practicing, can you walk anywhere with confidence.

Keeping techniques simple is one of the keys. Like Soke DePasquale Sr. told me many years ago, "when you first start learning anything, just like school, or riding a bike, you have to first learn you're ABCs". Soke DePasquale said "If you try to write a word without knowing your ABCs than the word won't make any sense. Once you learn your ABCs you can then make a word, words make sentences and sentences will make a paragraph. One day maybe you'll be able to write the Great American Novel." So take the time to practice and practice correctly and learn all of the ins and outs of each technique.

Over the past ten years, the combat cane has grown in popularity. More and more people have started to study the combat cane. I think mainly because the cane is very simple but yet a very effective defensive weapon that they can have with them anywhere.

This month we are going to be discussing how to choose a combat cane. There are so many types of canes a beginner may become confused or just not sure which cane would work best for them. I will explain not only the type of cane but features of each cane and where to find a cane that best works for you. I have almost ten canes in my collection, here are just a few.

Cane number one:

This is what I call a Grey Man cane. This cane looks like an ordinary type cane. No markings or special features that would draw attention to the practitioner. This cane is made of oak and is fairly light and I bought it a Tractor Supply for only $15.

Grey Man Cane

Cane number two:

This is also a Gray Man type cane. This cane is also made of Oak but is much lighter. This cane is more square. A square type of cane or one that has a more sharp edge I feel is better for striking. The square type edge increases the damage to the attacker because of the smaller area of impact.

Grey Man Cane with rubber bottom

Cane number three:

This cane is now more like what most practitioners of the combat cane are used to seeing. I bought this cane at Tractor Supply for $25. I bought it as a six foot Sheppard's cane and cut it down to fit me. I customized this cane and added some ribs on the shaft, used for tearing down an attacker's face or arms. I put a dime with my birth year on it where I place my thumb and added a crowbar look to the crook so it could be used to dig into the neck, arm, or any soft parts of the body. Customizing your cane to fit you is exactly what I recommend. By customizing your cane, you make the cane part of you, because that's what essentially what this art is all about.

Customized cane
Cane Details

Cane number four:

This was custom made for me from Dan from selfdefensecanes.com. Although these canes are priced higher than most, it is by far a best combat cane I have ever used. It is made of Hickory and is fairly light. Dan told me, more like dared me to break it on a heavy bag. I'm happy to say that after trying and trying I was unable to break it. Starting at the top, the crook is carved into a dragon head with red ruby eyes. The nose of the dragon is very sharp and can be used to dig into the neck, collar, ribs, and any soft body part. Dan is the first person I know who successfully created a corkscrew on the shaft of the cane. The corkscrew can be used to rip down the face, arms and soft body parts of an attacker and makes great place to grip the cane. The bottom of the shaft has a "sword edge or some people call it a teardrop look which is used to strike the bones or joints of an attacker. This edge has the same concept as cane number two which is used to multiply the force of a strike. This edge is very effective in causing damage to an attacker.

Customized combat cane
Bottom of combat cane

 Cane number five:

This is one style of a cane used as a walking or medical devise. This type of canealthough metal, it will not hold up to striking or blocking. These type of canes will bend or break and are not recommended for combat cane. There are metal canes on the internet that you can find that are strong and can be used as a combat style cane. If you put "Combat Cane" in Google, many different canes will appear. There are many different places that sell combat canes. Century Martial Arts has a few types of combat canes available. There are also polymer type canes available as well out there on the web. Don't forget to check out selfdefensecanes.com where Dan will custom make a cane to fit your needs. Do your research and continue to practice. Remember to look next month when we will be discussing blocking and some laws regarding use of force in some states.

Dark combat cane

Kaiso Marc Mosher has been training in Combatcane for almost thirty years and is the founder of Juho Ryu Sogo Budo and owner and Chief instructor of the Strong Tiger Dojo in Linden Tennessee. Kaiso Mosher is also the founder of the United CombatCane Federation.

Combat canes

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