No Charges to Be Brought Against UFC Legend Chuck Liddell

Chuck Liddell
After he was arrested last week for domestic battery, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office has elected not to pursue a case against retired UFC fighter Chuck Liddell due to a lack of sufficient evidence. No charges will be brought against Liddell or his wife, Heidi Northcott, relating to the dispute which caused police to be summoned to their home and ended in Liddell's arrest.

The couple's daughter reportedly gave a statement to authorities that she saw her parents pushing each other and Liddell was reported to have red marks on his face and chest from the confrontation while Northcott bore no visible injuries. The former UFC great released a statement after his arrest saying he was the victim in the incident and volunteered to go with police in his wife's place indicating there were family mental health issues involved. Liddell has subsequently filed for divorce from Northcott.

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