Chintya Candranaya – Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Chintya Candranaya – Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

YouTube sensation Chintya Candranaya specializes in Pencak Silat, a martial art originating from Indonesia. Known for her amazing social media videos, she has over 1.54 million followers on YouTube and 293k followers on Instagram.

Although Candranaya's videos showcase self-defense techniques, her perfectly edited videos and superhuman speed, power, and agility have led many to wonder if she's just another martial arts fraud.

Chintya Candranaya began her martial arts training at the age of 7 and attended Lampung's Pencak Silat Harimau Utara school, located in Sumatra. She is trained under Master Agus and has a collection of videos displaying unbelievable feats. On YouTube, you'll see her kick and punch concrete pillars, gas cylinders, break durian fruit with her hands, and even break bricks mentally.

Considering the ghost blade technique and the fact that she dodges bullets fired from a rifle, it's no surprise the so-called Iron Lady has drawn such criticism.

It is very irresponsible and dangerous for fake Gurus to market extreme videos like these as real. What’s worse, despite the claims of the content being highly edited and fake by real martial arts practitioners, Candranaya and her team maintain all of it is real. If someone believed these kinds of claims, they would be killed on the streets.

In one highly controversial video where she is interviewing her instructor, he made the claim that he defeated over 200 men, some with machetes, all at the same time. This claim was met with heavy criticism from martial arts and MMA communities.

A group of martial artists, Theodorus Ginting, Riko Chen, Mustadi Anetta

Bramono Lunardi, Suwardi, Panji Addiemas, and Rudy Agustian got together in a YouTube video challenging the absurd claims made by Master Agus and Candranaya.

The group were very specific in what they wanted to see from master Agus and his student. Mainly to recreate the highly contested videos. Breaking the durian fruit and stone with her bare hands, her one finger pushup and handstand, kicking a concrete pillar until it shattered, cutting a carrot hanging from a string without moving the carrot “The Ghost Blade Technique”, and sparring, which was optional.

In this challenge, Candranaya and her team were to replicate the videos they made and labeled as real in front of them and an audience.

An agreement was reached, but when Theodorus Ginting and the others reached the location, neither Candranaya norMaster Agus showed up. They were instead represented by their manager and lawyer, who said Candranaya and Master Agus would only show up if certain conditions were met. Filming was limited to one camera, and they would perform other feats instead of the ones planned.

The critics disagreed with the stipulations and offered a sparring session instead. In true fake guru fashion, Master Agus declined the offer. The martial arts group decided to have a look at the location where Candranaya broke a concrete pillar. After careful inspection it was believed that a hammer of some kind was used and edited as if Candranaya broke the concrete with her kicks.

All con’s aside, there is no denying Candranaya’s skills. She’s obviously a great martial artist, actress, and stunt woman. She’s great at fight choreography and producing her own videos. Her unquestionable talent has even landed her a stunt role in the hit Marvels movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

As far as I can tell, she got caught up in the same fake Guru scam many others do for money and fame. Like Michelle Yeoh, she could market herself as an amazing entertainment martial artist.

Instead of using your gifts to achieve the same goals, why perpetuate a lie? The internet is full of fake gurus, but I believe fake martial artists are the worst because their lies could cost someone their lives.

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