Generation Next - Children in the Cage

Child MMA
I know as a kid, teen and adult parent that there are some things that are off limits to their little developing brains. There are MMA cages, combative sports training, and any type of realistic combative training. In all of my years of teaching... this is a line I don't cross or want crossed- not even for the all mighty dollar. It is sad to see these things online and kids being taught to emulate the MMA sports life style. I often tell people that if MMA was around when I was coming up as a kid that I would have probably be dead. This is why my wife and I have created Point MMA as a wholesome, family friendly sport that focuses on gathering all AAU type martial arts and sport karate arts. Arts such as taekwondo, karate, chinese martial arts, judo, boxing, wrestling, kung-fu, hip-hop, tricking, extreme and sport karate. All developed from the foundation of traditional freestyle sparring where the ultimate goal is personal expression in a positive empowering way based on martial arts character development principles, which is a lost element in the martial arts today.

To build tournament leaders, this approach is needed with the success and popularity of MMA and combat sports. Even with bullying issues, this sport helps kids, teens, and parents learn to take issues like this and learn preventative actions through this turn key program. Point MMA focuses on safe, light to medium type techniques along with not allowing any type of subversive skill sets, our program provides a safe platform focused around the younger generation to evolve into a new breed of MMA athletes, as well as gear things up for the Olympics. And with the AAU as part of Point MMA founders, this shows its true values.

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