Century Martial Arts

Great news for martial arts fans and practitioners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area: a new Century Martial Arts Showroom is coming to your area!

The Gameness Sports Headquarters showroom has expanded to include a Century section. Gameness became a division of Century in 2018, and our two brands have been working together to grow, improve, and serve a wider variety of martial artists ever since!

The new Century-Gameness Showroom is over 6,000 sq. ft., including both the shopping area itself and inventory warehouse. In addition to the great Gameness gear you know and love (like high-quality gis, rash guards, fight shorts, and belts), the Showroom now carries Century gear! This includes training bags, like the ever-popular Body Opponent Bag (BOB); the original freestanding bag, the Wavemaster and all its many variations; and gear for sport and traditional karate, self-defense training, and all manner of other martial arts!

Let's be honest: Online shopping is great. But sometimes, you want to be able to shop in person – to try on that new uniform, browse store-only sales, feel how that bo or nunchaku fits in your hand before you buy it and take it home. And, of course, nothing beats in-person customer service!

"Our staff are experts in these processes and can help you make the best selection for your dojo (or personal training)," boasts store manager Tommy Chapa.


Yep, the store is geared both towards school owners and individual martial artists! If you have a wholesale account with Century or Gameness and you're in the area, drop by the new showroom to set up your custom orders. You can pick out the perfect new uniforms to have embroidered, or pick out the sparring gear color that will really make you screen-printed logo pop.

Curious to know more? Stop by! The address is 1545 Capital Drive, Suite 103, Carrollton, TX, 75006, or you can give the showroom a call at (888) 405-6056.

Hours: Mon-Fri, 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Century Sparring Gear

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