What is Car-Jitsu and Where Did it Come From?

What is Car-Jitsu and Where Did it Come From?
Photo by: Vik Mikheev

See what all the craze is about and find out of you would even like to give Car-Jitsu a shot.

Advisory: Some Strong language in videos… discretion advised.

“Car-Jitsu.” What a crazy and exciting concept that’s gaining popularity among fans in Russia and the U.S. YouTube views continue to climb with this crazy or innovative adaption of Jiu-Jitsu, depending on you see it, with some new brutal chokes and submissions at the ready. For example, a seatbelt choke with an actual seatbelt.

This new Jiu-Jitsu competition seems to resemble more of a car-jacking/street fight concept than a typical BJJ match. But all things considered, it is entertaining, at least at first, to see all the creativity at work and the new ways you can dominate your opponent’s… seatbelts, the steering wheel, window seal, etc.

Russia: Wrestling fans took part in the first ever "car jitsu" competition | WION Edge

Russia: Wrestling fans took part in the first ever “car jitsu” competition | WION Edge

How Car-Jitsu was invented

So how was this idea dreamed up? This not so gentle art in a car was created in Russia by Vik Mikheev. His YouTube channel has about 80 videos and millions of total views. Mikheev is a black belt in judo and BJJ, an MMA fighter, and even holds a Ph.D. in Math.

His vision for this new type of competition is to develop jiu-jitsu for smaller spaces, and I imagine growing it to a major international tournament venue too.

From the creator of Car-Jitsu himself: “In 2020, I came up with the idea of doing competitive grappling in vehicles. Since October of 2020, I and my friends run small tournaments of Car Jitsu to study the aspects of jiu-jitsu application in such a confined space.”

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