Caitlin Mosley

Caitlin Bishop (formerly Caitlin Mosley, pictured on the right) was a prominent NASKA competitor and a member of KICK Team (Kicking in Christ Kingdom). On August 24th, her two-year battle with breast cancer came to an end after numerous rounds of chemotherapy. She is remembered as being an excellent role model and kind human being, in addition to being a great martial artist.

Mosley continued to live a successful life after her martial arts career by becoming a physician assistant in the cardiology department at Ascension Sacred Heart in Florida. Watch the video below, courtesy of Old Skool Karate, of Mosley performing a synchronized traditional forms routine with teammate Ryan Redfoot. Their unique performance was one of Mosley's most memorable routines, and her legacy will live on because of the young martial artists that she inspired during her career.

KICK Team Sync - 2007 Diamond Nationals

That a director of my city's opera company would call me seemed a little odd. There are probably some monkeys who know more about opera than I do. But the director was inviting me to lunch, so of course I went.

It turned out the company was producing a performance of Madame Butterfly, the Puccini opera that tells the story of a doomed love between a French military officer and a geisha in early 19th-century Japan. The opera has come under fire for its stereotyped, utterly fanciful depictions of Japanese culture. The local company was trying to anticipate such criticism, and the director asked me, since I serve on the board of some organizations related to Japanese culture, what I thought.
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The placebo effect is a psychological phenomenon which happens when we believe in the beneficial effect of things and objects that, realistically, do not have it. The influence of the placebo and the placebo effect is usually connected with medicine, but it can be found everywhere around us in our daily lives, e.g. if placebo didn't exist, neither would marketing.

A couple of these interesting facts will reveal the omnipresence of this intriguing phenomenon.

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Although Jigoro Kano invented and promoted judo whenever he could, he earned his living as an educator. In his 1932 lecture Kano spoke on Judo and Education noting, these movements are also automatic acknowledgments of the crying need of efficiency and mutual welfare and benefit. They must be fostered by the educational forces of every country in which judo should have a prominent part.

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