Calls For Lee County to Become Bruce Lee County

Bruce Lee
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Bruce Lee

A campaign has begun on the petition website change.org to change the name of Lee County, Fla. to "Bruce Lee County." The area was originally named after the civil war general, Robert E. Lee. But now a movement has been started by a group of local artists known as Artsemble Underground which, according to an NBC News report, is owned by Brian Weaver who said living in a county named after a confederate general does not make him proud.

The petition calls for the removal of racist figures across the south and argues that simply rebranding Lee County as Bruce Lee County would be both cost effective and a means of bridging racial divides. Calling for the name change, the petition notes Lee's role as "the most influential martial artist of all time and a pop culture icon of the 20th century." As of this writing, it's so far garnered 329 signatures.

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