ADCC North American Trials
cdn.vox-cdn.com Bloody Elbow
With the biennial ADCC Submission Fighting World Championship postponed until next year due to the pandemic, a host of grapplers, itching to get back in the hunt for a chance at their sport's biggest title, descended on Atlantic City, N. J. this weekend for the ADCC East Coast Trials. A record field of more than 800 competitors entered the event seeking to punch their ticket to next year's championships in Las Vegas.
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Brazilian jiu-jitsu
cdn.pixabay.com Gregory Costa

Is losing or a slump mean a tough bill to swallow, yes... but what if it was turned into a blessing in disguise that's just waiting for you to seize it... let's find out

Slump periods, plateaus, whatever you want to call them. We all go through them in life, maybe at work, school, or learning a new skill, but when it comes to the skill of BJJ, they make or break us.

The journey each of us goes through over the years is a personal and transformative experience. It isn't just about technical proficiency on the mats. In fact, technical proficiency has little to do with it; in my opinion, the mindset and attitude you develop as you evolve is more what it is about. To me, technical proficiency is the result of that mindset and attitude.

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No-Gi Championships

IBJJF 2021 World No-Gi Championships Results BJJ Heroes

Pedro Marinho and Rafaela Guedes gave standout performances both winning double gold medals in the men's and women's black belt divisions at this weekend's International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation's No-Gi World Championships in Garland, Texas. Marinho captured the men's 91 kg category for his first ever black belt world title before going on to defeat 97+ kg winner Roberto Abreu by decision for the open weight championship.
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Jiu-jitsu position
Century Martial Arts

How Jiu Jitsu can tame the ego when people test your anger

Have you ever been driving, say 33 in a 35-mph zone, minding your own business, windows down on an evening with a nice breeze, when suddenly some punk races by you out of nowhere? He beeps the horn as he cuts you off while giving YOU the bird! The bird… that middle finger of a hand that some extend singularly as, let's say, a gesture lacking in kindness… and others who have the knuckle dexterity might flip you half a bird, which I must say I always marveled at. If that half-bird could speak, it would say, "You're such a piece of garbage that I can't even muster the energy to properly and fully tell you to go F yourself." This is such aggressive, yet almost joyful behavior on their part, as if this maneuver is guaranteed to come with no consequences.
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