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The Abu Dhabi Combat Club began their run-up to next year's ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships event with the "Road to ADCC" card held in Austin, Texas Saturday. Featuring several Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champions, the show's main event had defending ADCC 88 kg titlist Matheus Diniz stepping up in weight to battle the defending 99+ kg champion, Kaynan Duarte.

Duarte, among the hottest competitors currently on the grappling circuit, earned a quick submission win - one of only two submissions on the six bout card - getting a takedown and going into a leg lock to claim victory a little over two minutes into the match.

When you think of the name Gracie, likely the most famous family in martial arts, you probably don't also think of coffee, but that may be changing.

When you think of the name Gracie, likely the most famous family in martial arts, you probably don't also think of coffee, but that may be changing. Bean2Bean coffee company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania recently put the finishing touches on their newest product: Gracie Grounds.

The same family name that has become synonymous with armbars, triangles, and chokes may soon similarly be equated with your morning cup of rich-flavored liquid energy used to start your day of training.

So why Gracie coffee? Who is Bean2Bean? Will this help my Jiu-Jitsu? For the answers to these questions and more, read on.

Bean2Bean is a family business that was started by Obel Hernandez Sr. in 2013. Recently, I spoke to Obel Hernandez Jr. Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, and Olivia DiToro Director of Media to find out the answers to all of the above questions.

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There is quite possibly, no family name more famous, in all of martial arts than Gracie.

The Gracie family has made famous nine letters that have come to define modern martial arts in the public consciousness: BJJ, MMA, and UFC. Known as being creators and innovators, it is no surprise then to find out that the Gracie organization was the best prepared for what was to come.

Rener Gracie is the Co-Owner and Head Instructor at the Gracie University of Jiu-Jitsu Headquartered in Torrance, California. There are 196 school locations around the world. However, even with such a large physical presence, their digital reach has made them a true standout from any competition. Rener Gracie spoke to me about the challenges of the pandemic and why Gracie University was ready for anything.

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I know you know already. Your patience is appreciated. But Dan Inosanto is very important.

And while that part is known, it might be worthwhile to suggest a connection to MMA. Not meant here is that obvious connection that most agree (and strongly assert) exists. Namely, that MMA's history is inexorably linked to Bruce Lee and of course Inosanto his most famous baton-carrying (Kali/Arnis/Eskrima stick?) student. Every fan of MMA shouts at the screen and at any poor soul joining them in the umpteenth viewing of any of the Dragon's films with grappling; "See, I told you! MMA!" Guilty as charged here.

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