Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
ADCC match
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On April 9, 2005, the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, hosted The Ultimate Fighter Season 1 Finale, an event that changed the MMA landscape forever. Finalists Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar battled it out in a bloody war that UFC President Dana White often cites as the “most important fight in UFC history.”
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2021 was another year highly impacted by the pandemic. In 2020, nearly all of the major jiu-jitsu tournaments were cancelled, leaving room for many super fight promotions to shine. As such, many grapplers seemed to shift their focus from the major IBJJF tournaments to a more super fight heavy approach. Many of these matches were no-gi, leading to an even further divide in the sport. In 2021, however, the IBJJF brought back many of its major tournaments, including the Pan Ams, Brazilian Nationals, and World Championships. Additionally, after postponing the ADCC World Championships to September 2022, the organization brought back the trials this year. These events offered tons of action from new and veteran competitors, setting the stage for an amazing 2022 World Championship.
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Newest Russian Grappling Competition: Jiu Jitsu In a Car
No one likes to experiment with bizarre, often dangerous martial arts competitions more than the Russians. From team MMA gang fights to armored medieval combat, if it's weird and violent-looking, it gets a try in Russia. The latest trend, as reported on Monday by the news agency Reuters, is "car jitsu" in which competitors grapple for a submission inside an auto.
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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
The last IBJJF World Championship took place in May 2019, and since then the jiu-jitsu scene has changed quite dramatically. The 25th edition of the event went down from December 9th through the 12th and was one of the most action packed gi events to date. Both the male and female divisions were filled with black belts who were making their Worlds debuts at the rank, some of whom were just purple belts for the 2019 Worlds. Of the male champions, six of the nine winners were first time champions. In the female divisions, four of the eight division winners won their first Worlds gold.
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