NEW Loyalty Program in the Black Belt Magazine Online Store!

Black Belt Magazine Rewards

Black Belt Magazine's online store has introduced a new program that will reward our most loyal customers.

From fashionable martial arts apparel, to informative online courses, and everything in between, the Black Belt Magazine online store is the perfect place for any martial artist to enjoy a shopping spree! Upon entering the site, you will see a red "Rewards" pop-up button at the bottom right corner of your screen. All you have to do is click that button and sign up to receive 50 points on your account!

To get more points, pick up some of your favorite products from the store! Every dollar spent will earn you an additional five points, which can lead to some awesome discounts in the future. Our current point structure includes:

$5.00 OFF for 500 Points

$10.00 OFF for 1000 Points

$20.00 OFF for 2000 Points

For more information, and to grab some great martial arts products, CLICK HERE to check out the Black Belt Magazine online store!

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