Black Belt Magazine Rankings

The Official Black Belt Magazine World Sport Karate Rankings have been created by a committee with the consideration of major leagues including but not limited to the ISKA, WAKO, NASKA, and WKC.

This update accounts for the results of the 2021 Battle of Atlanta and U.S. Open, with particular consideration of the ISKA Night of Champions at the U.S. Open. Those ranked as "Champion" received their titles during the Night of Champions or daytime grands at the U.S. Open, with a few exceptions that were made by the committee to account for division depth, inclusion of new divisions, and other special factors. In the adult sparring divisions, pay-per-view events like Virtual Fight Tour and Pro Point were also considered.

Notable additions to these rankings include youth (13 years of age and younger) divisions, senior (30 years of age and older) divisions, and team sparring. Junior (14-17 years of age) sparring divisions have also been included, but the athletes are featured in no particular order due to the lack of competition between age groups.

Finally, readers will notice several asterisks (*) throughout the rankings. Any competitor with an asterisk next to their name is recognized as an exceptional martial artist who deserves to be ranked, but has been inactive recently due to injury or pandemic-related circumstances (such as international travel restrictions). All such competitors were automatically given a fifth-ranked position in the interest of consistency and fairness between divisions.

The Adult Rankings

Men's Weapons

Jackson Rudolph
  1. Jake Presley
  2. Connor Chasteen
  3. Alex Mancillas
  4. Danny Etkin
  5. Joey Castro

Women's Weapons

Haley Glass
  1. Sammy Smith
  2. Kaelyn Kowalski
  3. Kyleigh Boyer
  4. Sara Campbell
  5. Noell Jellison*

Men's CMX Forms

Danny Etkin
  1. Connor Chasteen
  2. Shaquan Parson
  3. Rashad Eugene
  4. Donis Coronel
  5. Christopher Conover

Women's CMX Forms

Haley Glass
  1. Sammy Smith
  2. Eden Williams
  3. Valeria Bolaños
  4. Jessica Wideman
  5. Noell Jellison*

Men's Traditional Forms

Mason Stowell
  1. Ariel Torres
  2. Joey Castro
  3. Jared Dunn
  4. Connor Chasteen
  5. Alec Jahanvash

Women's Traditional Forms

Gabrielle Dunn
  1. Jewelianna Ortiz
  2. Amber Rutherford
  3. Kaelyn Kowalski
  4. Laine Barrett
  5. Julia Moreci

Men's Lightweight Fighting

Bailey Murphy
  1. Enrique Letona
  2. Kevin Walker
  3. Colocho Santiago
  4. Tyreeke Saint, Tobias Lopez, Tyson Wray (Tied)
  5. Elijah Everill* & Jack Felton* (Tied)

Men's Heavyweight Fighting

Edgar Germany
  1. Avery Plowden
  2. Brandon Ballou
  3. Jamal Albini
  4. Romani Alicea
  5. Kameren Dawson*

Men's Open Weight Fighting

Bailey Murphy
  1. Enrique Letona
  2. Oscar Guzman
  3. Kevin Walker
  4. Brandon Ballou
  5. Elijah Everill*

Women's Fighting

Morgan Plowden
  1. Mouse Millner
  2. Alexa Fleshman
  3. Raelynn Perkins
  4. Valeri Morales
  5. Elizabeth Rouillard* & Dorina Szabó* (Tied)

The Junior Rankings

Junior Boys' CMX Weapons

Mason Bumba
  1. Dawson Holt
  2. Salef Celiz
  3. Phillip Brumme
  4. Benjamin Jones
  5. Riley Tracy & Esteban Tremblay* (Tied)

Junior Boys' Traditional Weapons

Dawson Holt
  1. Shane Billow
  2. Austin Hladek
  3. Mason Bumba
  4. Benjamin Jones
  5. Esteban Tremblay*

Junior Girls' CMX Weapons

Anna Beth Hedgepeth
  1. Samantha Mitling
  2. Rebecca Hammond
  3. Carrie Quinn
  4. Katelyn McMillan
  5. Madison Magnotta

Junior Girls' Traditional Weapons

Madison Magnotta
  1. Katelyn McMillan
  2. Kira Jones
  3. Alessandra Alinea
  4. Rylee Rainone
  5. Faith Olsen

Junior Boys' CMX Forms

Dawson Holt
  1. Salef Celiz
  2. Shane Billow
  3. Phillip Brumme
  4. Mason Bumba
  5. Cade Trentadue

Junior Boys' Traditional Forms

Caio DaSilva
  1. Diego Rodriguez-Florez
  2. Shane Billow
  3. Luca Ricotti
  4. Eric Quackenbush
  5. Aaron Kao-Mutch

Junior Girls' CMX Forms

Anna Beth Hedgepeth
  1. Maddy Kennaway
  2. Reese Beck
  3. Annalise Bolen
  4. Andrea Guzman
  5. Carrie Quinn

Junior Girls' Traditional Forms

Maddy Kennaway
  1. Madison Magnotta
  2. Kira Jones
  3. Faith Olsen
  4. Katelyn McMillan
  5. Alessandra Alinea

Junior Boys' Fighting - Featured Competitors

  • Oscar Garcia
  • Isaac Torres
  • Connor Bedard
  • Brandon Taylor
  • Mason Bumba

Junior Girls' Fighting - Featured Competitors

  • Cassandra De La Barrera
  • Alexi Jimenez
  • Natalie Allen
  • Miranda Depierne
  • Callie Garrett

The Youth Rankings

Youth Boys' Weapons

Dax Howland
  1. Michael Molina
  2. Zeke Gomez
  3. Gavin Richmond
  4. Harold Lerner
  5. Brady Clifford

Youth Girls' Weapons

Averi Presley Kodi Molina
  1. Isabella Nicoli
  2. Adelynn Lau
  3. Alyss Groce
  4. Savannah Agosoto
  5. Aubrey Shoaf

Youth Boys' CMX Forms

Judah Sagawa
  1. Dante Rodriguez
  2. Gavin Richmond
  3. Zeke Gomez
  4. Michael Molina
  5. Ryan Clifford

Youth Boys' Traditional Forms

Jojo Castro
  1. Angel Perez
  2. Sterling Keefe
  3. Dante Rodriguez
  4. Gavin Richmond
  5. Adomas Rackauskas

Youth Girls' CMX Forms

Isabella Nicoli
  1. Alyss Groce
  2. Sofia Rodriguez-Florez
  3. Averi Presley
  4. Savannah Agosto
  5. Kodi Molina

Youth Girls' Traditional Forms

Isabella Nicoli
  1. Sofia Rodriguez-Florez
  2. Adelynn Lau
  3. Gabby Viola
  4. Savannah Agosto
  5. Kodi Molina

The Senior Rankings

Senior Men's Weapons

Ray Kellison
  1. Drew Derrick-Bisbee
  2. Terry Creamer
  3. Edgar Cordova
  4. John Kim
  5. Eric Tremblay* & Andrew Cabilan* (Tied)

Senior Men's Forms

Drew Derrick-Bisbee
  1. Ray Kellison
  2. Terry Creamer
  3. Edgar Cordova
  4. Tracy Armstead
  5. Andrew Cabilan*

Senior Men's Fighting

Yoskar Gamez
  1. Hakim Walker
  2. El-Java Abdul-Qadir
  3. Julio Lugo
  4. Kodaq Wray
  5. Luis Rivas

Senior Women's Forms & Weapons

Melanie Strauss
  1. Roxanne Doyon
  2. Amy Williams
  3. Deborah Kim
  4. Halyette Pratico
  5. Clarissa Villanueva

The Team Division Rankings

Synchronized Weapons

Team Paul Mitchell
  1. Kodi Molina & Michael Molina
  2. Alessandra Alinea & Shane Billow

Synchronized Forms

  1. Connor Chasteen & Diego Rodriguez-Florez
  2. Judah Sagawa & Lila Bartz
  3. Isabella Nicoli & Madison Magnotta
  4. Benjamin Jones & Dawson Holt

Team Demonstration

Team Competitive Edge
  1. Team Freestyle
  2. Team Infinity
  3. Team Premier (North Augusta)
  4. Team Premier (Atlanta)

Men's Team Fighting

Top Ten Team USA
  1. Team Legend
  2. Team Straight Up
  3. Team All Stars
  4. Team DKS
  5. Team Dojo Elite* & Team Impex* (Tied)

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