The Black Belt Magazine World Sport Karate Rankings

The Official Black Belt Magazine World Sport Karate Rankings have been created by a committee with the consideration of major leagues including but not limited to the ISKA, WAKO, NASKA, and WKC. These rankings will be updated after major sport karate tournaments and do not belong to any singular league, but may assist in matchmaking for future professional events. Those ranked as "Champion" are the current defending champions from the 2019 ISKA US Open World Championships. These rankings have been adjusted to account for age changes in the upcoming season and inactivity in late 2019 and early 2020.

Men's Weapons

Jackson Rudolph
  1. Danny Etkin
  2. Jake Presley
  3. Alex Riggs
  4. Rashad Eugene
  5. Rosario Succarotte

Women's Weapons

Mackensi Emory
  1. Sammy Smith
  2. Julia Plawker
  3. Noell Jellison
  4. Chloe Flower
  5. Isabella Caracta

Men's CMX Forms

Reid Presley
  1. Jacob Pinto
  2. Danny Etkin
  3. Mason Stowell
  4. Aidan Considine
  5. Shaquan Parson

Women's CMX Forms

Mackensi Emory
  1. Sammy Smith
  2. Mary Amato
  3. Noell Jellison
  4. Isabella Caracta
  5. Solange Olivier

Men's Traditional Forms

Ariel Torres
  1. Joey Castro
  2. Mason Stowell
  3. Shahin Jahanvash
  4. Jared Dunn
  5. Rommel Gargoles

Women's Traditional Forms

Traditional Forms
  1. Gabrielle Dunn
  2. Melissa Baillargeon
  3. Jewelianna Ortiz
  4. Rose Rhéaume
  5. Mary Amato

Men's Lightweight Fighting

Bailey Murphy
  1. Elijah Everill
  2. Jack Felton
  3. Tyreeke Saint
  4. Enrique Letona
  5. Richie Veres

Men's Heavyweight Fighting

Avery Plowden
  1. Kameren Dawson
  2. Kevin Walker
  3. Anthony Merricks
  4. Roman Brundl
  5. Pablo Moreno

Men's Open Weight Fighting

Elijah Everill
  1. Avery Plowden
  2. Jack Felton
  3. Bailey Murphy
  4. Kameren Dawson
  5. Kevin Walker

Women's Fighting

Morgan Plowden
  1. Dorina Szabó
  2. Elizabeth Rouillard
  3. Ki'tana Everett
  4. Drew Beatty
  5. Gina Thornton

Junior Boys' Weapons

Jake Presley
  1. Mason Bumba
  2. Dawson Holt
  3. Esteban Tremblay
  4. PJ Clark
  5. Ben Jones

Junior Girls' Weapons

Noell Jellison
  1. Haley Glass
  2. Olivia Rando
  3. Gabrielle Jean
  4. Kaley Kakac
  5. Samantha Mitling

Junior Boys' Forms

Mason Stowell
  1. Caio DaSilva
  2. Dawson Holt
  3. Salef Celiz
  4. Cade Trentadue
  5. Cody Leck

Junior Girls' Forms

Noell Jellison
  1. Haley Glass
  2. Olivia Rando
  3. Madison Olson
  4. Kaley Kakac
  5. Anna Beth Hedgepeth

Synchronized Weapons

Team Paul Mitchell
  1. Ben Jones & PJ Clark
  2. Will Nevitt & Sam McKinley
  3. Noah Fort & Nathan Fort
  4. Anthony D'Amours & Gabrielle Jean

Synchronized Forms

Team Infinity
  1. Salef Celiz & Cade Trentadue
  2. Noell Jellison & Hunter Orlowski
  3. Dawson Holt, PJ Clark, & Ben Jones
  4. Tiger Harkins & Alex Crone

Team Demonstration

Team Competitive Edge
  1. Team Infinity
  2. Team Freestyle
  3. Team Fearless
  4. Team Chozen

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