Black Belt Magazine 60th Anniversary

2021 marks the 60th Anniversary Black Belt Magazine. Back In the 60's Black Belt was the first magazine to feature multiple martial arts even though it was mostly about judo back then. I enjoyed reading the articles and learned a great deal from judo legends like Hayward Nishioka and the late Harold Hal Sharp who were regularly featured with in-depth stories on both technical and philosophical aspects of judo and the martial arts. I would have never dreamed that when I grew up these leading figures in judo would become my mentors and personal friends.

First Edition Black Belt Magazine
Over the years, I have authored these articles and videos which proudly appeared in Black Belt!

The article below from 1968 by my friend and mentor 2x Black Belt Hall of Fame Member Hayward Nishioka actually helped inspire me to stay with judo. I read it after I had been studying under Kyu Ha Kim for several years. Once I asked Mr. Kim (as we called him back then) about the Kano's philosophy and he told me stay with judo and someday you'll come to understand it well. However, I still wanted to know more. That's when Black Belt published this feature by Nishioka Sensei, which I kept from 53 years ago...

Hayward Nishioka Gary Goltz

Hayward and me over the years.

Hayward Nishioka
Nishioka 1968
Nishioka article
Hayward Nishioka Article
Training at Higher Levels
Nishioka Judo
Hayward Nishioka Judo
Judo History

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Black Belt Magazine has a storied history that dates back all the way to 1961, making 2021 the 60th Anniversary of the world's leading magazine of martial arts. To celebrate six decades of legendary martial arts coverage, take a trip down memory lane by scrolling through some of the most influential covers ever published. From the creators of martial art styles, to karate tournament heroes, to superstars on the silver screen, and everything in between, the iconic covers of Black Belt Magazine act as a time capsule for so many important moments and figures in martial arts history. Keep reading to view the full list of these classic issues.

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