XMARTIAL Upcoming Brand Helping GYMs Get Through Covid with Sponsorship Program



One of the businesses that were hit the hardest during the Covid pandemic is the Martial Arts and Fitness industry. Martial arts academies were plunged into uncertainty during one of the darkest times in modern human history.

The pandemic has forced countless martial arts academies to endure a long suspension of operations, while those more unfortunate were forced into closure. Martial arts had to take a back seat for more than a year.

As the world begins to heal and the martial arts and fitness industry starts to get back on its feet, XMARTIAL launches its sports sponsorship program- a program that aims to sponsor an athlete and their respective gym by lending them a hand through providing free gear.



Established in 2016, XMARTIAL started as a passion project that aims to provide a home for martial arts athletes to shop confidently for quality gear with unique designs at great prices. From their custom BJJ rash guards & No Gi BJJ shorts and MMA gears, XMARTIAL continues to innovate by developing cutting-edge technologies for better comfort, strength, and superior performance on and off the mats.


As XMARTIAL has grown, they have become much more involved in the martial arts community by sponsoring athletes of all levels. The athletes and practitioners are the life-blood of their business, and by giving back to the athletes and the community they helped build, XMARTIAL shows their appreciation.

From beginners to accomplished athletes, XMARTIAL supports everyone's journey while bringing exposure to the sport they are so passionate about. XMARTIAL believes that the martial arts healthy lifestyle is beneficial to everyone, especially in the present situation.

Aside from athlete sponsorships, XMARTIAL has been active in gym partnerships, wherein they work together with fitness establishments to customize their gear. They are also dedicated to helping these establishments generate sales for their products. The XMARTIAL online store may also be used by gym partners as an online sales portal by carrying their branded gears- becoming readily available to their customers.

The benefits of partnering with XMartial:

  • ● FREE training gear for your GYM
  • ● FREE training gear for your coaches and staff
  • ● Providing bulk orders at a 20% discount
  • ● Carrying your GYM branded designs and earning up to 25% on every sale (optional)
  • ● Earning 20% on online sales made by your students

Who do they sponsor?

Gyms and Martial Arts Schools are places where we gather and learn to work on our craft and become better versions of ourselves. By supporting them XMARTIAL is building a foundation in the community that is formidable and relentless in any situation.



The dedication that athletes put in their training and preparation is unparalleled. Putting themselves through years of rigorous training to pursue their passion is not an easy task. They ultimately inspire people around them and fans from all around the world with their values and attitude. XMARTIAL values this contribution and hard work from martial artists.

Influencers & Ambassadors

XMARTIAL believes that Martial Arts influencers deserve to be sponsored because they give relevant information about the sport- they spread awareness in combat sports, and most importantly, they connect the athletes to the fans in a special way. The growth and popularity of MMA, BJJ, and other combat sports through the years have been boosted by the support of active communities that are forged by fans and influencers.

How to get sponsored

If you are eligible for sponsorship based on the above-mentioned criteria, do message XMARTIAL at partners@xmartial.com or fill up this application form.

Sponsorship opportunities await you!

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