Aspinall Submits Volkov at UFC London

Photo: Getty Images / https://www.bbc.com/sport/live/mixed-martial-arts/60173363
Britain's Tom Aspinall put on a show for the home crowd Saturday as he dismantled Alexander Volkov submitting him in the first round of the UFC Fight Night 204 main event from London, England. Aspinall came in to raucous cheers while Volkov, from Russia, was booed mercilessly. Whether Volkov would even be able fight due to the political situation was in doubt for a while and the drama may have taken some toll on him as he never seemed to find his footing in the bout.

Aspinall started fast with good boxing before charging in for a clinch and easy takedown. Working from inside Volkov's half guard, he landed hard elbows. Volkov got back up but Aspinall continued to throw nice hand combinations. Though Volkov seemed to score a momentary flash knockdown when a right hand unbalanced the Englishman as he was kicking, Aspinall quickly rolled to his feet. A moment later, he slipped a Volkov right hand and drove in on a double leg tackle. From there he keylocked his arms around Volkov's left arm and hyper-extended it for a straight armlock that forced the tap. Aspinall remains unbeaten in the UFC with his fifth straight victory.

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