Karate Combat Organization Launches Full Contact Fighting League

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April, 2018,

Karate Combat has launched a professional combat-sports league that was created to revitalize the art of karate. The fighting is full contact with rules developed by martial arts experts and top fighters. It takes place in the patent-pending Karate Combat Fighting Pit, which is designed to encourage continuous action. Karate Combat viewers can access league content now through Karate.com, as well as on branded iOS and Android apps. The league will air its first live event, Karate Combat: Inception in Miami Beach, on April 26, 2018. This will be followed by an all USA-vs.-Iran fight card in May in Dubai. A string of exotic locations for future fight cards will be announced soon, including Athens, Las Vegas, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Karate Combat: Genesis, the company’s private pre-season event, took place in Budapest, Hungary, in February 2018. All Genesis bouts, highlights and recaps are available for viewing now on Karate.com.

The Vision

Karate Combat is an innovative sports experience optimized for digital and mobile consumption. The professional league is the first to display biometric, nutrition, training and DNA-based data in real-time via its custom interactive heads-up display, giving fans unprecedented insight into all fighters’ hidden strengths and weaknesses. The slope-sided Karate Combat Fighting Pit allows for cage-free views and Hollywood production quality, and has the flexibility to be installed in unusual indoor and outdoor locations globally. Coverage of the competitions is produced with multi-camera cinematic angles and musical scores. The presentation combines high-tech, video-game-style analytics with real action from the world’s best strikers. “Karate is back,” said Michael DePietro, CEO of Karate Combat. “Approximately 50 million Americans have participated in karate at some point in their lives with an even greater worldwide following, yet no professional league exists. To date, nobody has harnessed the beauty of this ancient sport for 21st-century fans and mass media appeal.” Karate Combat has signed more than 100 of the top karate fighters from 30-plus countries, giving fans around the world opportunities to rally behind their nations’ fighters. The roster includes Elhadji Ndour of the USA, Achraf Ouchen of Morocco, Dionicio Gustavo of Dominican Republic, Davy Dona of France, George Tzanos of Greece and Rafael Aghayev of Azerbaijan. Rafael Aghayev is the most decorated fighter alive, arguably the world’s greatest living karateka and a 2020 Olympic front runner. The league boasts the top fighters in each weight class of semi-contact karate, in addition to karateka with athletic attributes suited for full-contact competition. For the first time, the best practitioners in the sport will have a professional outlet that allows them to build global fan bases and compete for their nations.

The Rules

The newly established Full Contact Karate Unified Rules and Regulations reward the execution of clean offensive techniques with maximum impact, creating action-packed, easy-to-follow contests. Throwing techniques are allowed with immediate follow-up. However, the match is reset if both combatants go to the mat, which is intended to keep the action focused on striking. Each contest consists of three rounds of three minutes, with offensive techniques scored higher than counterstrikes. KARATE.COM is the main gateway for distribution through Karate Combat’s platforms, including its branded mobile apps. Events and content will also be available via multiple digital, TV and OTT outlets, including the global FITE app, YouTube, Twitch, The Fight Network, Facebook, Dailymotion and other TV and cable carriers in the USA and abroad. The native platforms will boast a heads-up display that will be familiar to video gamers, along with interactive aspects to heighten the viewing experience. Go here to watch the bouts from Karate Combat: Genesis. Video footage of several Karate Combat bouts is also available on YouTube. The information and photos in this post came from a press release from Karate Combat.


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Anderson de Geus Apr 2018
E como será a seleção pra competir neste evento? Sera por seletivas? Necessita ser black belt? O atleta pode treinar outras artes marciais alem do karate?
Hi is there any age limit for this tournament are veteran allowed to participate thanks
sachin chaudhary Apr 2018
i am sachin chaudhary i am also karate black belt from india i follow rafael aghayev davi dona luigi busa and many more players but now i have seen many combat fight its to good fighters are fighting its real karate in planet and i am also interested to join this event please guid me how join
Danny May 2018
are there competitions under these rules based in the uk? and are there lower level leagues or competitions that compete with these full contact rules for more beginner fighters ?
Muhamad jamal faiq Apr 2018
I love you full contact im kurdish
Daniel Cuthbert Apr 2018
This looks great I have some top fighters in my club in England who have won European and World titles at numerous karate organizations who would enjoy and thrive in full contact how do we get involved or speak to for more info ? As I would like to get England involved we have a big club and a big following this is what karate has needed for a long time! Daniel Cuthbert
Mawi Apr 2018
If you want to compete, You can contact them via their website www.karate.com or via email at fight@karate.com
Raphael Santana dos Santo... Apr 2018
WOW Nunca imaginaria isso, este é o nosso karate de raiz oss! O nosso Karate tendo a visibilidade verdadeira que sempre mereceu, já conquistamos o espaço olímpico que era nosso por direito, agora vamos buscar vôos mais altos!
Jorge Murasaky García Ruí... Apr 2018
Me interesa mucho formar parte de esta organización como peleador representante de México ¿Qué requisitos hay o donde podemos inscribirnos para participar y formar parte de esto? He quedado completamente encantado de esto ya que resalta la belleza y disciplina del karate. Si pudieran responderme estaría muy agradecido, Saludos desde Chihuahua, México!
Mohamed Ahmed Azmy Apr 2018
I wanna join your team Send me on Mohamedahmedazmy@yahoo.com
Pradeep Verma Apr 2018
I want to play championship. I Love full contact fight..
Pradeep Verma Apr 2018
Can I send this championship details..
Abdul samad Apr 2018
I really interest in full contact, I am player of kick boxing and kyukoshion karate, I want to join next karate combat organization. Plz contact me on my email. Samad.samadafridi@gmail.com
Mawi Apr 2018
If you want to compete, You can contact them via their website www.karate.com or via email at fight@karate.com
jared mills Apr 2018
we rarely see martial arts competitions like these in new york
Carlos Henrique (Brasil) Apr 2018
Sou a 10 anos praticante de karatê kyokushinkai e tenho algumas lutas em campeonatos e gostaria de participar dessa competição como faço para participar ??
David Hoptar Apr 2018
Fantastic I've been waiting for something like this the UFC is getting a little tainted in my observation has a karate practitioner for well over 20 years I look forward to watching these bouts.
Cecil Ryu Martial Arts Apr 2018
Looking forward to it!