Download Your New Free Guide To Hoplology The Science Of Fighting And Martial Arts Weapons

Dave Lowry
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September, 2012,

Have you ever wondered if — beyond authoritative martial arts publications such as Black Belt — there was a scientific endeavor to study how humans fight? Well, there is. And it’s called hoplology. Hoplology is the behavioral science that examines how people fight. This study includes weapons, strategies, psychology and emotionality — the entire spectrum of the conflict experience. Hoplology: Martial Arts Weapons and How Humans FightIn this new FREE Guide — Hoplology: Martial Arts Weapons and How Humans Fight — longtime Black Belt columnist Dave Lowry introduces you to the science of why people fight and how they fight. Download this FREE Guide to learn the following:
  • how samurai armor affected the use of weapons such as knives and daggers
  • how historical events, culture, geography and military aspirations of surrounding peoples
  • influenced which weapons sprang from various indigenous cultures
  • how technology and tactics have affected the development of warfare and weapons
  • how hoplologists catalog and classify martial arts weapons from around the world ...
… and MUCH MORE!


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