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December, 2012,

Go behind the scenes of Bruce Lee’s final martial arts film, Enter the Dragon, in this exclusive FREE download from BlackBeltMag.com! Bruce Lee’s final martial arts movie was the first Chinese martial arts film to be undertaken by a major Hollywood studio. In this exclusive look back at Fred Weintraub’s production of this blockbuster martial arts action masterpiece, learn how the film was made, how the production team corralled hundreds of Chinese-speaking extras and what obstacles nearly stopped the film in its tracks! PLUS, see rare photos of Bruce Lee, John Saxon, Jim Kelly and other stars from the film. In this new FREE Guide from BlackBeltMag.com — Bruce Lee Movies: The Making of Enter the Dragon — get the inside scoop on the following: Free Guide cover to Bruce Lee Movies: The Making of Enter the Dragon
  • how Bruce Lee handled hot-shot extras who challenged him
  • how actors (including Bruce Lee!) were injured during filming despite extensive precautions
  • how shooting Enter the Dragon in Asia allowed the crew to create an air of authenticity
  • how producer Fred Weintraub’s vision shaped the production of Bruce Lee’s final film
  • how Enter the Dragon was seen as a major cultural happening in the early 1970s martial arts scene
  • how the cameramen had to adjust their equipment to capture Bruce Lee’s speed on film
… and MUCH MORE!


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