10 Weirdest Martial Arts World Records

October, 2018,

10 Weird Martial Arts World Records

Between the covers of the Guinness Book of World Records, you’ll find pages and pages of records that’ll make you say “Wow, that’s incredible,” Longest Distance Run on a Track in 24 Hours, as well as just “Wow…” Most Bees on a Human Body

Since the martial arts have inspired competition as long as they’ve been around, it’s only natural that there would be multiple records pertaining to them. Some are what you’d expect, like records for the highest number of punches or kicks in one minute. Others, though, make you wonder how someone came up with the idea for the record in the first place. And, as you might expect, those are way, way more fun:

1. Most Walnuts Crushed in One Minute by Hand

[Prabhaker Reddy P. preparring to break world record. Photo: Guiness Book of World Records YouTube]

Breaking open walnuts with a nutcracker can be difficult enough, but Prabhakar Reddy P, an Indian martial artist, has no difficulty breaking them open by hand. Once the timer started, he proceeded to crush 212 walnuts within one minute, meaning he broke between three and four walnuts every second! He made it into the Guinness Book of World Records by beating the previous record by a mere two walnuts.

2. Most Coconuts Smashed in One Minute by Head

This record is coco-nuts! Although these were young green coconuts, making them softer than the typical brown ones, that doesn’t mean this wasn’t a painful feat. Muhammad Rashid’s forehead was bright red after breaking 35 coconuts lined in a row with his head within one minute! This Pakistani martial artist had to ensure that coconut milk leaked out of each one for it to be considered broken.

Watch video HERE! 

3. Most Jumps of a Rope in 30 seconds by a Human Pyramid Three Levels Tall

Making a human pyramid three levels tall required six students of Tagou Martial Arts School in China to balance together as they jumped rope. Within 30 seconds, they were able to jump in union a total of 32 times!

4. Most Watermelons Sliced on Someone’s Stomach in One Minute by Sword

[Vispi Baji Kasad preparring to slice first watermelon off Vispy Jimmy Kharadi's stomach. Photo: Guiness Book of World Records YouTube]

Thankfully, Indian martial artist Vispy Jimmy Kharadi’s stomach was uninjured by Vispi Baji Kasad’s sword during the process of this record. This is amazing, as the watermelons had to be chopped completely through! In the end, 49 watermelons (and zero very, very trusting assistants) were cut completely in half, beating the previous record in the Guinness Book of World Records by only one watermelon.

Watcht he video HERE! 

5. Most Roof Tiles Smashed Within One Minute

[Lisa Dennis breaks through roof tiles. Photo: Virtue Martial Arts School page]

Smashing! British taekwondo martial artist Lisa Dennis, 5th degree dan black belt, managed to break a total of 923 roof tiles, chopping two stacks of ten at a time with both hands! She also holds the female record for breaking 1,000 roof tiles in 83.98 seconds, while her husband, Chris Pitman who is a 2nd degree dan black belt, has the world record for men at 51.08 seconds. This couple holds a whopping 5 world records between the two of them. Talk about a power couple!

Watch the video HERE! 

6. Most Eggs Smashed in One Minute by a Kick

Indian martial artist Gaurav Goley had eggs placed at around half of his height or even higher, then proceeded to break 53 of them by kicking within one minute. Why eggs? Well, it was able to get him into the Guiness Book of World Records, so why not?

7. Piercing Four Coconuts in the Shortest Amount of Time

[Master Ho Eng Hui demonstrates his skill of finger jabbing on coconut. Photo: Ho Eng Hui Facebook page]

The martial arts community must have something against green coconuts. This time, Malaysian Master Ho Eng Hui was able to jab his finger into four coconuts, making them leak milk, within only 12.15 seconds!

Watcht he video HERE! 

My fingers hurt just from watching this demo.

8. Most Car Windows Broken in Two Minutes by Hand

[Kevin Taylor demonstrating his craft. Photo: Kevin Taylor's Facebook Page]

With literal car doors lined up for him, American martial artist Kevin Taylor worked one by one to smash his hand through each one’s window. While some fell off of their cement stands without breaking, he managed to break 21 windows, beating his previous record by only one!

9. Most Coconuts Broken in One Minute by Hand

Coconuts have returned once again, but, this time, they’re brown and harder. Only using one hand, though, Indian martial artist Abheesh P. Dominic was able to break open 122 in a row. That’s two every second! 

10. Most Cans Crushed in 30 Seconds by a Hand Holding a Raw Egg

This is likely the most specific and bizarre world record here, and was accomplished, again, but Muhammad Rashid (aka the guy who broke coconuts with his head). Breaking weird martial arts records seems to be a passion for Mr. Rashid: he has also crushed the most soda cans in a minute with his elbow (77, in case you were wondering). But with this record, he proved he has a gentle touch, too. He held a raw egg in his hand as he struck full, unopened cans. He managed to break twenty-nine without the egg being broken! With a few more records, maybe he can set the record for most martial arts records held. Here’s his can-crushing feat:

Watch the video HERE! 

When he cracks open the egg at the end, to prove the challenge was legit, it already looks scrambled!


For these records and more be sure to subscribe to the Guiness Book of World Records YouTube page. To learn more about how to set your own world record visit their website HERE!


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