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August, 2011,

If you're a wing chun practitioner, you've undoubtedly heard of Grandmaster William Cheung. A student of Ip Man, William Cheung lived and trained with the legendary wing chun master from 1954 to 1958. During his study of the Chinese martial art wing chun with Ip Man, William Cheung absorbed the traditional wing chun kung fu master's complete teachings. In his three-disc martial arts DVD collection, Street Fighting Applications of Wing Chun, Grandmaster William Cheung, the longtime friend and wing chun training partner of Bruce Lee (whom Cheung at one point introduced to Ip Man!), recalls some of his most dangerous street fights and deconstructs the techniques he used to survive the encounters.

WING CHUN DVD PREVIEW | William Cheung Shows You How to Deal with Low Kicks in a Street-Fighting Situation

In Street Fighting Applications of Wing Chun Volume 3: Muay Thai Melee, the narrative backdrop takes place in the spring of 1962 in Sydney. A friend of William Cheung's who is being bullied by a fighter from Thailand asks the wing chun fighter for help. William Cheung confronts the Thai fighters and his partners, and it is a dangerous situation, pitting the traditional wing chun kung fu expert against three opponents with brass knuckles. As the fight went on, William Cheung was injured but still managed to devise some creative solutions to stay alive. Learn how he did it in this DVD! In Street Fighting Applications of Wing Chun Volume 3: Muay Thai Melee, wing chun kung fu grandmaster William Cheung covers:
  • cross-arm drills for close-quarters fighting
  • shin-kick drills
  • execution of stances and entry techniques
  • dealing with elbow and knee strikes
  • defenses against low kicks
  • dealing with multiple opponents
William Cheung is a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame (Kung Fu Artist of the Year, 1983), who has trained since the age of 10, originally under the legendary Ip Man. William Cheung currently operates a worldwide network of instructors based in Australia. During his decades of studying martial arts and Chinese medicine, William Cheung has also become an expert in meridians, pressure points and meditation dealing with internal energies. Today, William Cheung's programs for the treatment of sports injuries and stress-related illnesses using ancient Chinese-medicine remedies are highly sought across the globe.


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Black Belt Guest Aug 2011
But what if the Muay Thai guy performs the kick correctly by retracting his leg. When performed correctly the foot will be placed right back where it started. This defense is useless.
Black Belt Guest Aug 2011
That such a weak defense for a Muay Thai low kick! I would NOT recommend using that for defense.
David Chan Aug 2011
I wonder if the DVD follows up on these common questions?
Black Belt Guest Aug 2011
David I seriously doubt it, although it could. Watch this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YpCcJ2SnDs Pay attention to the mans hips and the speed of his legs. His hips twisting pulls the leg around. ALso notice he retracts his leg after the kick and resets. Wing Chun is a beautiful art but I doubt William Cheung has ever trained with a Muay Thai fighter. If he had surely he would be demonstrating a different defense. I don't train Mauy Thai but I do train that kick. It's common in MMA. The power that is generated is enormous, if performed correctly. Some years back I found out about a guy that was teaching Wing Chun locally. Seeing how I love to cross train I went to a couple of classes. I enjoyed the class very much but his kick defense was severely lacking. I asked about how he would defend a kick such as this. His response was similar to what you see in the above video. Wing Chun , I think, should stick to what they are good. Close in striking. BTW you should watch the movie "IP Man" if you haven't - great movie!
David Chan Aug 2011
Thank you Black Belt, Nice video, that is a text book low roundhouse kick. I think it is one of the best kicks in the book. I have been training in martial arts for many years, with exposure to many different arts and ways to do things. Sometimes I can see something is not good, and this William Cheung video was not good. In training with partners, the techniques executed should be performed well by both the defender and the attacker, and in this video both was neither good. I think if we breakdown the defense on this kick, I see three concept senerios. One you can get out of the way, two you can close the distance where the kick become eneffective or three you block with a solid shin check block! William Cheung did non of these senarios. In my mind what will really happen, William Cheung would have one recieved a broken leg or two be set up for follow up combonations from the suposit Muay Thai fighter. Now lets look at the attacker in the video, Black Belt you nailed this one even in your previous comment. I don't need to say any more. Overall just a poor video. I recently did a combative breakdown of this on my blog and now I just think I was too nice. Yes the Ip Man movie is awesome, and I thought Donnie Yen did a superb job playing the part of Ip Man. There is a prequel and sequel to that movie, if you haven't seen it you should definitely check it out. David Chan www.InstituteofCombativeArts.com
J Fischer Mar 2014
Sorry to break up your party, but the technique you have seen--and blindly disregarded--was the shin check block you had mentioned. You guys practice martial arts? How often do you get punched in the face?
Wing Chun Kung Fu Grandma... Mar 2014
illnesses using ancient Chinese-medicine remedies are highly sought across the globe.Permalink: http://blackbeltmag.com/daily/traditional-martial-arts-training/wing-chun/martial-arts-dvd-previ... in Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts History, Kung Fu Videos, Self-Defense Experts,
Wing Chun Kung Fu Grandma... Mar 2014
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