Art of the Ninja DVD Trailer - Jack Hoban

Jack Hoban—a former Marine Corps captain and one of the acknowledged "founding fathers" of ninjutsu in America—reveals the core physical techniques of this mysterious and often misunderstood martial art. Trained by Masaaki Hatsumi in Japan, shidoshi (senior instructor) Jack Hoban is an ideal instructor to teach ninjutsu to new and experienced practitioners. Volume 1 covers junan taiso (stretching and conditioning exercises), san shin no kata (fundamental "body-spirit" exercises) and kihon happo (fundamental techniques). Also features weapons coverage. Volume 2 covers taisabaki (basic body movement), ukemi (injury prevention), taihenjutsu (movement to avoid danger), rolling, breakfalls, cartwheels and leaping techniques. Also includes instruction for ninja walking and advice on how to avoid sword cuts. Volume 3 covers kamae (body attitudes, stances), uchi waza (striking) and keri waza (kicking). Volume 4 covers introductions to basic weapons training and philosophy of the new warrior. Also includes stick techniques (hanbo, three feet; jo, four feet; rokushaku, six feet), a review of hand strikes, kamae with and without weapons, combinations and ways of immobilizing an armed assailant.

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