Arjan Bhullar MMA

ONE Championship saw history made with the dawn of a brand new heavyweight era in 2021.

"Singh" Arjan Bhullar defeated Brandon "The Truth" Vera by second-round TKO at ONE: Dangal earlier this year to become India's first mixed martial arts World Champion. After Vera's long tenure as the only ONE Heavyweight World Champion, the Canadian-Indian took the mantle as the heavyweight waters became more shark-infested by the day.

The past year has been an exciting time for the division in ONE. Amir Aliakbari, Reug Reug, Kang Ji Won, and more have arrived on the scene to be a threat to the gold. And all the while Vera stood at the forefront, Bhullar was looming to be the beacon of that change.

Now it is Bhullar with the bullseye on his back with Vera and others chasing him.

The shakeup in the division makes it one of the most compelling to watch. The growing star power and intriguing opposition will keep the division evolving and will make sure Bhullar is on his toes with constant challenges.

It is a whole new heavyweight world thanks to "Singh."

How will this shift not only the heavyweight division but India's martial arts landscape?

Hear from industry experts like Mitch Chilson as they break down the importance of Bhullar as the ONE Heavyweight World Champion and how that will impact the martial arts scene in India.

Enjoy this video courtesy of ONE detailing Arjan Bhullar's rise to become India's first-ever mixed martial arts World Champion.

How Arjan Bhullar Became The FIRST Indian MMA World Champion 🇮🇳

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