Apple Watch Triggers Police Raid on Muay Thai Gym

Apple Watch Triggers Police Raid on Muay Thai Gym
While Apple added a kickboxing workout to its Apple Fitness + app last week, apparently not all Apple devices are in love with martial arts. More than a dozen police officers responded to a Sydney, Australia muay Thai gym, Tuesday, after a false alert from an Apple Watch triggered an emergency call.

Muay Thai and boxing coach Jamie Alleyne was training a client as the police and ambulances arrived investigating reports of a shooting at the seemingly peaceful gym. When police informed Alleyne an emergency call to 1-1-2, the Australian alternative emergency phone number, had been placed from his phone, the trainer was puzzled since he didn't have his phone on him. Upon checking his dialed numbers though, he discovered two calls had, indeed, been placed to 1-1-2.

Alleyne soon realized that the Siri feature on his Apple Watch must have been activated from the impact of the strikes while he was holding pads for his client. Siri then picked up the sound of Alleyne's voice calling for a "One, one, two" punching combination and placed the emergency call to 1-1-2. At that point, dispatchers would have heard the crack of blows hitting the pads followed by Alleyne yelling "Good shot!"

Andrew Ptj Parnham on Instagram: "Me: Are you boys gonna be ok while I'm away? Boys: Sure boss, take as long as you and the family need Nekminnut... 👮🚔 "Police have raided a Gladesville Muaythai gym where they have questioned a man of Bajan appearance and 2 Thai nationals, while the gym owner is said to be somewhere in the Philippines" 🤣🤣🤣 #bosslife"

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