Andre Galvao ONE Championship
Multiple-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Andre Galvao is returning to mixed martial arts after signing a contract with ONE Championship.

The Brazilian is a legend on the mat and has already transferred his skills over once before. Galvao has finished three of his five victories by way of submission with one TKO as well. After a decade, Galvao returns to the sport for unfinished business.

"Back in the day, I had no wrestling and no ADCC World Titles. My no-gi game is different now," wrote Galvao.

"I competed only against top fighters never thought about making my cartel...I was ready for anyone."

Galvao remarked that he wants to show the world his all-around game while competing against the best in the world. His motivation is to show everyone his progression as a martial artist.

"I want to get back and show the world I can do it well," said Galvao.

In addition to mixed martial arts, Galvao will also be able to compete in submission grappling matches. The ability to compete in both sports allows Galvao an opportunity to clash with other elite grapplers who have recently signed on the dotted line, such as Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida and Gordon Ryan.

The ability to compete in both mixed martial arts and submission grappling is an exciting proposition, given the level of talent within the ONE ranks. Galvao will get his chance to prove to fans he can be the best in the world on a global platform.

No debut date has been set as of yet, but Galvao is expected to step inside the Circle in 2022.

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